Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
27 Feb 2021
8:01 am

Bigger is not always better, sometimes it’s deadlier

Brendan Seery

A higher centre of gravity means SUVs are often much more unstable than sedans and small cars.

The back of the vehicle Woods was driving, displaying some of the damage caused in the accident. Picture: Getty Images

The Tiger Woods car crash this week – when the 45 year old golfer suffered serious leg injuries when his Genesis GV80 (Hyundai’s upmarket brand) SUV rolled over and crashed in California – is yet another warning about the inherent dangers many of these vehicles pose - even the most up-to-date models. The harsh truth – which many manufacturers coyly avoid and salespeople will never mention to you in the  showroom – is these vehicles are at a higher risk of a rollover than an ordinary sedan or hatchback car. And that’s because of a simple principle of physics, their...