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By Faizel Patel

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PetroSA denies fuel shortage crisis in SA

There are reports of the alleged discolouring of vehicles due to 95 Unleaded Petrol

PetroSA has denied there is a fuel shortage crisis in the country.

This comes after reports of the alleged discolouring of vehicles due to 95 Unleaded Petrol (ULP95) particularly in the Southern Cape region.

The subsidiary of the Central Energy Fund (CEF) said it was informed of the alleged discolouring of vehicles and proactively undertook various tests on the ULP95 samples which have been certified as “compliant” according to industry standards.

No fuel shortage

PetroSA spokesperson Nonny Mashika-Dennison has urged the industry to proactively undertake similar steps as part of reassurance to the public in terms of product quality and safety.

“PetroSA is of the view that any fuel shortage crisis raised in this context is a manufactured crisis by those who are causing it to leverage on the crisis lucratively. PetroSA notes the anti-competitive behaviour displayed by players in the industry who have repeatedly requested for the intellectual property of PetroSA associated with the ULP95 which has not been shared taking into account commercial sensitivities.

“PetroSA is aware of intensions to reverse engineer the product IP after declining numerous requests for the product IP and this is against the law,” Mashika-Dennison said.

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Altering the product

Mashika-Dennison they are aware of a norm wherein the original specification of a petrol product would be modified for various reasons such as improved performance, technology advancement and other factors which alters product significantly.

“Additives will alter and impact negatively on the original quality of the product and we caution against such practice which may result in quality and safety defects.”

She said the declining refining capacity in South Africa has a knock-on effect on other sectors of the economy, and therefore it has been tasked with the mandate of ensuring security of energy supply in the country.

Mashika-Dennison said PetroSA remains committed to ensuring security of supply of products and has enough stock to supply demand in the market.

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