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Volkswagen reportedly thinking of reviving Scirocco after all

Although still to be confirmed outright, the latest claim alleges 2028 as the year of the reveal, based on the Porsche-developed all-electric PPE platform.

Denounced last year from making a comeback after ending production in 2017, a new report from the United Kingdom has alleged that Volkswagen is considering bringing back the Scirocco for a fourth generation as an EV.


Updated in 2014 before being discontinued three years later, the Golf 5 underpinned Scirocco, together with the Beetle, officially received the thumbs down for another revival by then Research and Development Head, Frank Welsch, as late as 2018.

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In a subsequent reaffirmation when asked about the possibly of both being reimagined as electric vehicles based on the MEB platform last year, Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle Head, Thomas Schäfer, said both nameplates “had their day” and wouldn’t be renewed in spite of their heritage.

“There are certain vehicles that have had their day. It wouldn’t make sense to bring it back,” Schäfer told Britain’s Autocar when asked about the Beetle.

Volkswagen could revive Scirocco after all
Until its departure, the Scirocco rode on the same platform as the Mk V Golf. Image: Volkswagen

“From where I stand now, I wouldn’t consider it. It’s the same as Scirocco: it had its day, then there was a new model based on a reinterpretation.

“To do that again? I don’t think so. And going forward with balancing all these technologies and the cost that is associated with it, you’ve got to invest money in the best possible place”.


An announcement coming days of Wolfsburg’s confirmation of a line-up reduction involving slow-selling models, one being the Arteon, as a means of reducing costs while focusing further on electrification before 2030, the latest findings by Autocar claims design proposals for an all-new Scirocco were submitted shortly before the arrival of current design boss, Andreas Mindt, last year.

Volkswagen could revive Scirocco after all
Interior of the pre-facelift Scirocco. Image: Volkswagen

Reported by the publication as possibly becoming a reality by 2028, the fourth generation Scirocco will morph into an EV based on the Porsche-developed PPE platform and not the SSP that will underpin the ninth generation Golf due in 2026.

The former set to make its formal introduction next year with the unveiling of the all-electric replacements for the current 718 Boxster and Cayman, the Autocar claims the architecture can support single and dual electric motors, front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, though power outputs are still unknown.

Volkswagen Scirocco could make a comeback
Scirocco R debuted in 2009 with 195 kW in Europe. Image: Volkswagen.

Set to draw styling inspiration from the original Scirocco made between 1974 and 1981, the new model will again spawn an R version, more than likely with more power than the third generation’s 195 kW, and with electric propulsion as per the R brand moving away from combustion engines before 2030 as well.

Inspired by the original

While renewed for a second generation in 1982 before being replaced by the Corrado a decade later, the original has reportedly been referenced often by Mindt as inspiration for future Volkswagen models.

Volkswagen Scirocco could make a comeback
Scirocco received its one and only facelift in 2014 before being phased-out three years later. Image: Volkswagen

“The Scirocco was among the first cars to use a sharp and low line to visually enhance the car and make it appear lower,” Mindt – who replaced Jozef Kaban last year following the Bugatti Veyron designer’s dismissal for penning a universally disliked version of the then still-born ID.2all – was quoted by Autocar as saying.

“It’s a stylistic trick to reduce volume and results in a more powerful and sporting stance. That’s the secret sauce that makes a car desirable, a stylish car that everyone wants to drive”.

No confirmation yet

For the time being though, no official confirmation of the Scirocco returning prevails, however, don’t be surprised if an announcement indeed emerges by the middle of the decade or after.

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