Bernadette Wicks
Senior court reporter
4 minute read
5 Jul 2021
8:30 pm

Zuma’s Concourt claims at best misleading, at worst plain lies

Bernadette Wicks

Some of the former president's claims have been shown to be patently untrue, with one legal mind describing them as 'phantasmagorical'.

Members of the ANC, MKMVA and Amabutho escort former president Jacob Zuma at his Nkandla residence on Saturday. Picture: Gallo Images

Former president Jacob Zuma put up a battle-ready front on Sunday night, addressing the drama surrounding the Constitutional Court’s damning ruling against him and insisting, among others, he never refused to appear before the commission and was effectively being subjected to detention without trial. On closer inspection, though, many of his bold claims reveal themselves as at best misleading and at worst plain lies. The Constitutional Court last Tuesday ruled in favour of the State Capture Commission in the contempt case it brought against Zuma over his refusal to take the stand and answer questions, despite the same court having...