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Measles outbreak in SA: 665 cases, vaccination campaign needed

South Africa's measles outbreak continues with 665 confirmed cases out of 4250 serum samples tested. Vaccinations campaigns required.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) reported an update on the measles outbreak in South Africa.

According to the report, 665 out of the 4250 serum samples tested since epidemiological week 40, 2022, were confirmed positive for measles.

Measles outbreak report

The percentage of samples testing positive (PTP) slightly increased from 18% in week 06 to 20% in week 07.

Northern Cape: Outbreak confirmed

Three laboratory-confirmed cases were identified in the Francis Baard district; all three cases were reported at a single facility in Kimberley on 28 February.

Measles outbreak report, March 2023
Image: NICD

In provinces where an outbreak has been declared, the most affected age group is still the 5-9-year-olds (41%), with a considerable proportion of cases reported among the 1-4 (25%) and 10-14 age groups (20%).

The report suggests that vaccination campaigns should, therefore, include children aged 10 to 14 as well.

Vaccination campaign

With the continued rise in cases, it is crucial for people to take precautions and seek medical attention if they experience symptoms of measles.

The NICD urged parents to vaccinate their children against measles.

It also said government and other health organisations must prioritise awareness and vaccination campaigns to prevent the further spread of this outbreak.

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