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Pothole party: Celebrating massive road crater’s milestone birthday

Residents in Australia recently celebrated a pothole's fifth birthday, complete with cake and streamers.

South Africans aren’t the only ones battling an ongoing pothole panic. Residents in Lismore, Australia, recently celebrated their ‘big guy’s’ fifth birthday.

We can’t help but wonder if South Africa should follow suit. Picture this: A small gathering of locals singing hip-hip-hooray.

Of course there’ll be cake and maybe even a birthday card; something along the lines of: “Another year older, another year deeper. Happy birthday!”

Potholes everywhere…

Even in Australia.

A local Facebook community group called the Jiggy Post shared a photo of the milestone.

Jiggi pothole’s fifth birthday

Residents Stephen Reid captured the momentous occasion, saying: “A small group of locals celebrated Jiggi Road’s 5th birthday today.”

The ‘big guy’, according to Reid, “has survived floods, fires, landslides and the roving eye of any Lismore City Council staff.”

When asked about the cake, Reid said he baked it “with shredded tyre, exotic, expensive suspension bits, sprinkled with a thousand local expletives”.

In South Africa, locals have found creative ways to cope with the country’s Great Pothole Predicament.

SA’s pothole pandemonium

In Komani (formerly Queenstown) in the Eastern Cape, a resident left a plant in a massive street crater with a sign warning motorists of the ‘moerse pothole’.

WATCH: Meanwhile in Komani…

In February, voice artists Themba Robin created a serious David Attenborough-style documentary about South Africa’s pothole species.

“Standing behind me is a family of South African potholes, scientifically named the replicis mytyresis every f**king weekis,” he said.

He said this particular species is special: “It has learnt to take advantage of a crumbling infrastructure and lazy repair work.”

WATCH: SA mockumentary

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Jiggi Street birthday photos taken by Stephen Reid

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