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By Narissa Subramoney

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Charlize Theron rallies global fan base for KZN flood victims

Netizens warned against donating to ANC-led government relief efforts.

South African-born Academy award-winning actress Charlize Theron has made an impassioned plea to her followers on social media to donate money and resources in the aftermath of the devastating KwaZulu-Natal floods.

“My home of South Africa is going through an extraordinarily difficult time, and while I know much of the world is in pain right now, and a lot is being asked of us as global citizens, I’m hoping you’ll find it in your heart to help,” the former Boksburg resident tweeted.

“Last week, the most devastating floods on record struck the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province, killing almost 450 people and displacing thousands.

“For my organization, @CTAOP, we see our most critical role as supporting our Partners in whatever challenges they face,” Theron added.

But, as soon as the Monster actress directed good samaritans to a Facebook page set up for donations, frantic locals rushed to Theron’s timeline urging her not to trust the corruption-stained government with donated monies and resources.

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“Please don’t give any money or resources to the @ANCParliament, They just misuse it!

“Give it to @GiftoftheGivers as they actually use it for the intended purposes,” warned Twitter user Charles Cronje.

Crone’s sentiments were echoed by Omri Ismail Cassiem, who also advised Theron to send the money to Gift of the Givers.

“Thank you so much. I would like to ask that if you do donate funds, please do not do it to the corrupt government.

“They will literally turn that money into Italian fashion and German cars. @GiftoftheGivers has been doing amazing work. Give the money to them instead.”

“They are stealing the aid”

The corruption plague at government level has even left its staff hopelessly scarred.

One eThekwini Municipal employee risked her job to sound a potential theft alarm.

A video taken by the distraught municipal employee accused her co-workers of ‘stealing the aid’ donated by Durban North residents.

In the video, the woman who sounds precariously close to tears claims the donations were intended for frontline rescue workers who’d been working flat out since the storms.

“This will go to every journalist,” warned the hysterical employee.

eThekwini refuted the woman’s claims, saying that ‘residents are insisting that their donated goods be delivered to areas of their choice and typically the areas they dictate are not the most impacted.”

Even if eThekwini’s version of events is the gospel truth, the ongoing pillaging and stealing of state resources have left a deep scar on all South Africans, affecting even government employees who are too far down the corporate ladder to effectively hold their leaders to account without it coming at great personal costs.

“It is unfortunate that the employee in question has had her reputation tarnished in this manner.

We call upon the public to desist from creating and spreading fake news,” eThekwini said.

At the same time, furious residents called out KZN Premier Sihle Zikalala allegedly for having a water tank personally deliver water to his Durban North residence, while ordinary plebs queue for water and other communities are left without.

Zikalala dismissed the allegations that his family received preferential treatment from a tanker that was meant to supply water to the disaster-stricken community.

The Premier said the video had been ‘digitally manipulated’ and ‘carefully choreographed and strategically selected to create a false narrative to distract from the intervention the Premier did first to communities in his neighbourhood who asked him for assistance knowing he lived in the area.”

“I together with the community have gone for days without water. I then requested assistance after members of the community pleaded for my assistance knowing I lived in the area,” insisted Zikalala.

“Actually all the other days my wife and kids had been fetching water on buckets.

To me, this is not new as I grew up fetching water and I still do today when situations demand it,” he concluded.

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