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23 Nov 2021
11:15 am

Crimen injuria charge laid against Hitler-loving racist

Citizen Reporter

Henrico Barnard referred to black South Africans as parasites, and used the K-word at least 17 times in the racist rant on TikTok.

Picture: Twitter

The TikTok user known as Henrico Barnard may go down the same fate as convicted racist Vicky Momberg after charges were laid against him.

This follows Barnard’s racist rant in a video on TikTok, where he used the K-word at least 17 times.

According to Limpopo police spokesperson Motlafela Mojapelo, charges of intimidation, crimen injuria and incitement to commit crime have been laid against Barnard.

“The police in the Waterberg district have opened charges of intimidation, crimen injuria and incitement to commit crime after the video went viral on social media,” Mojapelo told Jacaranda FM.

Mojapelo also said Barnard had not yet arrested been as he is in hospital at the moment.

“He hasn’t yet been arrested as he is hospital, but the charges stand and police investigations are continuing,” he said.

Mojapelo added that Barnard would be summoned to court once released from hospital and if he did not adhere to the summons, he would be arrested.

TikTok racist rant

Barnard caught the attention of social media users following his response to a shooting incident at the Misty Hill Lodge in Muldersdrift, where a guest was shot in the head by police.

In the racist rant on TikTok, Barnard – who, according to his now-deactivated account’s bio, is an ASMR artist and “Pagan male witch” – referred to Black South Africans as “parasites”.

Barnard said he wanted to kill black South Africans, specifically police officers. He said he was tempted to drive into a police vehicle or burn down a police station.

Throughout the two videos shared on Twitter, Barnard uses the K-word 17 times and threatens to kill any officers who try to arrest him.

WATCH: Hitler-loving racist wants to kill black South Africans

In the second video, he encourages the killing of black people as well. He said he was a huge fan of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler and that white South Africans should do to black South Africans what Hitler did to the Jewish people.

He said: “We must kill them all, these [K-word] are rubbish, a parasite to humanity.”

In response to the shooting, Barnard said: “You are [expletive], you [K-word], all you [expletive] [K-word]. You are [K-word], you know nothing you Satan shit… whatever you are”.

Warning: The video below contains extremely derogatory and defamatory language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Vicky Momberg

Momberg was sentenced to three years in prison, with one year suspended, following her racist tirade almost six years ago.

She was found guilty of four counts of crimen injuria for hurling racial insults at a black police officer and police call centre operators.

This was the first instance of someone being sent to jail for using South Africa’s most notorious racial slur. 

In 2016, Momberg went on a racist tirade that saw her use the K-word 47 times when speaking to a black police officer who was attempting to help her after she was the victim of a smash-and-grab incident.