Elderly woman busted with AK-47, over 100 rounds of ammunition

The serial number of the AK-47 had been filed off, and 106 rounds of ammunition for various firearms were confiscated.

Police made an alarming discovery on June 7, after following up on information that firearms and ammunition were being stashed at a homestead in the Sahlumbe area of Weenen, reports Ladysmith Gazette.

At the homestead, officers encountered a 61-year-old woman, who is the owner of the property.

Police searched the house, finding an AK-47 assault rifle and ammunition for various kinds of firearms.

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The serial number of the AK-47 had been filed off.

The ammunition recovered is as follows: 25 bullets for an AK-47, 28 rounds for a shotgun, 30 assault rifle rounds, five rounds for a .38 Special revolver, and 18 rounds for a 7.65 pistol.

In total, 106 rounds of ammunition were found.

The elderly woman appeared in court, where the magistrate withdrew the case.

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