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Pedestrian killed in drive-by shooting in Phoenix

The drive-by shooting follows two other shootings in the past week.

Investigations are underway after a pedestrian was killed in a drive-by shooting in Phoenix on Friday.

The unidentified man died after he was shot multiple times on Northside Drive in Caneside, Phoenix.

When members of Reaction Unit South Africa (Rusa) arrived on the scene at approximately 13:22, another security company, KZN VIP was already in attendance.

“A man was lying on the road bleeding excessively from the gunshot wounds. On examination, he was found to be shot at least eight times in the body and head,” said Rusa spokesperson Prem Balram.

“He succumbs to his wounds on scene.”

According to a witness, four occupants in a silver Toyota Corolla opened fire on the pedestrian before they sped off. Several spent 9mm cartridges were recovered for the scene.

The motive for the shooting has not yet been established.

A Pedestrian was killed in a drive-by shooting in Phoenix. Picture – supplied.

The drive-by shooting follows two other shootings in the past week.

A 60-year-old Tongaat taxi boss was shot dead while getting his car repaired. The suspects in that murder allegedly fled the scene in a white VW Polo.

Another prominent taxi owner was executed in full view of his family in Cornubia, last Saturday.

In that incident, the 52-year-old taxi boss was at home with his partner and two sons on the upper level of the home.

“Two men entered the residence and shot the taxi boss multiple times in the presence of his family before fleeing the scene,” said Balram.

Several 9mm spent cartridges were recovered from the crime scene.

The motive for the murders has not been confirmed at this stage.

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Compiled by Narissa Subramoney