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Kgosi Modisane
2 minute read
23 Aug 2018
11:04 am

MTV Base’s lean machine Tshego Koke on his passion for fitness

Kgosi Modisane

The presenter uses fitness as a vehicle to deal with depression and have more confidence in himself.

Tshego Koke. Picture: Supplied

Living up to his reign, 2017 MTV Base VJ Search winner, Tshego Koke is the new face on TV screens making waves and redefining the perception of cool.

Having started his career as a personal trainer, Koke has managed to craft his body into a lean machine fit to sustain his hipster image.

Adding to his introduction to the entertainment scene, Koke found himself among the selected few eligible bachelors in Cosmopolitan magazine’s 2018 sexiest man list.

With his chiselled abs and well-groomed beard, Koke is proving to be a leader in his pack.

1.Who is Tshego Koke and where did the passion for fitness begin?

I am the 2017 MTVBase VJ Search winner who, after months of joining the MTV Base brand as a show host, was nominated for the 2018 Cosmopolitan Sexiest Men competition.

At 26, I am a charismatic young man who fell in love with fitness a couple of years ago. I use my fitness routine and love for training as a vehicle to deal with depression and have more confidence in myself.

2.What motivates you as a trainer and an individual?

Knowing that physically I look and feel good is a bonus. It is more of an internal upliftment for my personal being than it is an external thing. When I feel good I have more energy.

3.What are the challenges you have had to overcome to live a healthy lifestyle?

Often I spend a many hours on set doing shoots and we eat catered food, which is fine. But when snacking, you will find yourself eating lots of junk and that is a bit of a challenge.

When travelling, which is often, I eat what I can get my hands on. It’s really difficult to eat healthy meals on the road.

4.What does your fitness routine consist of?

It’s really simple. I do cardio from Mondays to Thursdays which consists of working out using aerobic machines to functional training.

I prefer to be light on weight training, and in most cases do super sets. The reason for this is because I am more about looking lean and just keeping the volume of muscle tight and ripped.

5.What are your fitness goals for the spring and summer this year?

My fitness goals are also quite simple. I want to look leaner and just be a lot fitter than I was last year. I’ll go to the beach and try myself out with a shoot and see what the gains say in December.

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