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Tshwane girl names Klapperkop Nature Reserve’s new baby zebra

Arielle, an 11-year-old from Sunnyside won the honour of naming the baby zebra.

In a heartwarming turn of events, the Klapperkop Nature Reserve finally found a suitable name for its adorable baby zebra. Animal and nature lovers pulled up in numbers in a competition to name the new member of the zebra family.

The competition which took place last year ran from 12-22 December. On Friday Tshwane mayor, Cllr Cilliers Brink, and Klapperkop Nature reserve took pleasure in announcing the winning name for the cute foal.

Tug of war: Name edition

The competition had more than 300 entries from people who love animals and nature alike. With so many cute, fun and creative names to choose from, the decision was not an easy one.

After a long wait the enchanting zebra was named Kamari, meaning moon or moonlight and comes from the African Swahili language. The name is derived from “Kamaria”.

Including Kamari, the top five competitors were Jabari, Khumba, Kunye, and Oreo. All these names showcased the imaginative spirit of the competition participants.

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Kamari: The Moon

Arielle Yehouessi, 11, is the winner of the Klapperkop Nature Reserve naming competition

Arielle Yehouessi, an 11-year-old from Sunnyside won the honour of naming the baby zebra. She won over the judges with her description of Kamari as a beautiful and elegant animal. She compared the baby zebra’s beauty to the moon in the night sky.

Furthermore, she expressed a grand deal of admiration and knowledge about zebras.  

“What I like about zebras is that their stripes are unique like fingerprints and easily blend-in, in the wild and I am amazed that they sleep standing, it is very interesting,” Arielle said.

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Prizes, prizes: Family getaway

Arielle and her family won a fantastic prize of two nights’ stay for four people at Rietvlei Nature Reserve. It is a well-deserved reward for her creativity and passion for nature.

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