Wife sells husband’s motorbike on OLX while he’s away, decorates lounge

So much for being a rugged man of adventure.

Facebook user Eddie Prinsloo, who’s known to The Citizen as a lover of adventure on roads in SA and the world, took to Facebook to share how his middle-aged friend bought himself a big adventure touring motorcycle to be able to “clear his head” sometimes due to his turbulent relationship with his beautiful wife.

Writing in Afrikaans, Prinsloo tells of his many memorable motorbike excursions on their big BMWs to “Roosendal, Blood River, Bezuidenhout’s Pass and Augrabies”.

His friend told him once after a great day’s riding around their campfire that their getaways made him feel like the “Camel man” from the old adverts: “Rugged, tough and adventurous”.

When Prinsloo called his friend one day to find out when next he’d be ready for a big getaway, he was told: “Sorry, I won’t be able to ride with you any more.”

Turns out his wife had sold his bike for next to nothing on OLX. She scratched out her husband’s face on one of his photos with the bike and used that in an ad online with the words: “Good bike for sale. The husband has gone hunting. Contact the wife urgently.”

Apparently, someone in Cape Town saw the ad, immediately made an internet transfer, flew up the next day to KwaZulu-Natal and made his way to Pietermaritzburg with his riding gear before enjoying a pleasant ride home on his new purchase.

The wife supposedly made enough money to redecorate their lounge.

Read the full account below, which Prinsloo assures us is completely true.

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