Marizka Coetzer
2 minute read
11 Feb 2021
6:23 am

‘My living hell with cop lover’ – Brutal attack leaves woman in ICU

Marizka Coetzer

'The attack will haunt me for the rest of my life.'


Police officials violently blowing their tops is common – and a criminologist blames poor management for the lack of debriefing officers regularly. Pretoria resident Izelle Venter opened a case of assault after she was viciously assaulted by her cop boyfriend in February 2019. Venter said she now lives with her parents and keeps to herself. She was booked off for six weeks following the attack and had to undergo an eye operation. “I spent five days in the intensive care unit,” Venter said. She initially didn’t want to open a case against the cop who beat her into the ICU...