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Hope Winters
2 minute read
18 Jan 2018
1:05 pm

Bonang’s former make-up artist reveals why he spoke out on ‘unpaid’ R25K bill

Hope Winters

After six months of being sent from pillar to post and with debt looming over his head, Muzi Zuma decided to call Bonang Matheba out on social media over a R25 000 make-up bill earlier this week.

Bonang Matheba. Image: Instagram.

During a Twitter Q&A earlier this week, Muzi poured his heart out about how he was tired of asking for the money, which was apparently supposed to be settled up in July last year.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Muzi explained that he decided to speak out because he was fed up with the level of disrespect.

He told the publication that he signed a contract with Bonang to do her make-up for the duration of the KFC ‘Taste Kitchen’ show shoot, which was 24 days long.

Muzi said it was agreed that he would be paid on 5 July when the shoot ended but since then had apparently been greeted with excuses and numerous unanswered messages, and emails.

“The reason I have kept quiet for this long is because I am not here to air anyone’s dirty laundry on social media. For four years I have done Bonang’s make-up and I have not put a foot wrong, but it is just frustrating that they are taking advantage of me,” he said.

The young make-up artist added that it was also agreed he would be provided food and accommodation, but that had never materialised.

“Bonang told me that I would be fed and have a place to sleep because I was here for her convenience, but when I came to Jo’burg, I had to sort myself out. I used my mom’s credit card to cover those costs knowing that I would be able to pay the debt off,” he added.

Muzi said he was frustrated and angry because his mom was now in debt because of him, and there is nothing he can do.

Bonang has been silent on the fiasco, however her new management team and old PR company have reportedly been pointing fingers at each other.

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