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17 Aug 2021
11:39 am

PICS: Five times Rachel and Siya Kolisi were couple goals

Lerato Maimela

Rachel and Siya strive to focus on their love and the moments they get to spend with each other, despite all the time spent apart.

Power couple Rachel Kolisi and Siya Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Power couple Siya and Rachel Kolisi recently made headlines after the two celebrated their five-year anniversary, and took to social media to celebrate their love with their fans and followers.

Siya posted an adorable video which has a series of pictures of Rachel, himself and the family throughout the years, with Labrinth’s Beneath Your Beautiful playing in the background.

The professional rugby player captioned his post: “Memories. Happy 5 years Mariri, thanks for all the memories! Love you.”

Rachel also took to her personal Instagram page to post a series of pictures of herself and her hubby from their wedding day five years ago.

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One of the pictures is of just of the couple, and the other two pictures are of the couple with their whole wedding party, and Rachel with her bridesmaids all dressed in black.

Rachel captioned her post: “5 years later, to the day. And I still look at him that way. Thank you for being a home. I love you.”

The Kolisis tied the knot on 13 August 2016, a year after they had their first born, Nicholas Siyamthanda.

Rachel and Siya have been living with Siya’s younger siblings Liyema and Liphelo since 2014, after spending some time in orphanages and foster care after their mother passed in 2009.

The power couple welcomed their youngest daughter, Keziah, into the Kolisi clan in 2016.

Five times Rachel and Siya were couple goals