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Rapper Emtee and wife Nicole accuse each other of abuse again 

Nicole Ndevu has accused her husband Emtee of beating her up while she was pregnant - most recently on Valentine's Day.

Rapper Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) is under scrutiny after he went live on Instagram to accuse his wife of abuse, only to cut his livestream short after she accused him of beating her while she is pregnant. 

A short clip of a recording of the livestream has been widely distributed on Twitter, inviting comments from scores of disappointed social media users. 

In the video clip, Emtee can be heard telling his wife Nicole Kendall Ndevu (nee Chinsamy); “do what you want to do, do it”. 

“He’s the one doing it,” interjects Nicole’s mother as she stands on the other side of the room. 

“You want to hit us,” adds Nicole’s mother. Emtee then asks her why she is in his home and she tells him that she is there to protect her daughter because he wants to hit her.

Watch: Emtee and Nicole Kendall Ndevu accuse each other of abuse

A pregnant Nicole then walks up to Emtee’s phone and holds her screen up to the camera with an image of her swollen face, stating “this is what he did to me”. 

Emtee then tries to knock her phone out of her hand, to no avail. He then rushes out of the house while the stream continues with the camera facing the ground.

“Show them what you did to me, how you beat me up on Valentine’s Day,” said Nicole as Emtee repeatedly shouts “Never!” 

“Here’s the proof, beat me up while I’m seven months pregnant,” she adds. 

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Her mother tries to intervene as the pair get physical, highlighting her concern for her heavily pregnant daughter. 

Nicole then complains about Emtee taking a live video of their dispute before she has even had a chance to inform her family of their marital troubles. 

Emtee denies being abusive

“Did 3 shows last night. Haven’t slept and I’m locked out my own house and I’m the bad guy?” he tweeted on Friday morning. 

Responding to a Twitter user who asked if he was beating a pregnant woman, Emtee tweeted “cap” which is slang for the word “lies” or “lying”.

Another Twitter user asked if he hit her and Emtee said “f**k no!”

“I’m all about motivation, love and honour. The f**k I look like putting my hands on a woman. On anyone for that matter,” he tweeted. 

The Citizen tried to reach Nicole for comment. She had not responded at the time of publishing. The article will be updated with a comment from her as soon as it becomes available. 

Local organisation Women For Change claims that they have been working with Nicole and that she opened a case against Emtee on Friday morning.

This is not the first time the couple have taken their fights public. 

In 2020, Emtee accused Nicole of abusing him and further claimed that she had often called on her family members to assault him for getting physical with her. 

“Can I be single please. I’m a man of peace. Somebody please help! She has even called the police on me twice, but I was completely innocent. They even took my weed. She says I hit her but it is the other way around, and she cusses at me,” he said at the time. 

Shortly after he made his accusations public, Nicole issued a statement denying his claims. 

Emtee and Nicole share two children – Avery, born in 2015 and Logan born in 2018. 

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