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‘He loved me loudly’: LaConco opens up about her relationship with Zuma

From 2010 to engagement and having a baby, LaConco tells it all!

TV star Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco recently took to social media to share the intimate details of her relationship with former South African President Jacob Zuma.

In a series of Instagram stories, LaConco described a love story that spanned years, from when they met, through pregnancy and welcoming their baby boy.

Reflecting on the early days, she said they started dating in 2010 and continued for four years before getting engaged.

“We created a bubble that we lived in. People around me could tell I was in love but didn’t know with whom. His circle felt my presence too. Some dug and found my pictures; some waited until he was ready to introduce me,” she shared.

LaConco said her life during this period was filled with frequent travels. She added, “I was constantly flying, staying in hotels every week. Sometimes, I would only see him for 30 minutes, and that was enough. This phase tested my loyalty to my values and principles.”

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LaConco and Zuma’s engagement and lobola

LaConco vividly remembers her lobola negotiation day, a private affair shared only between their families.

“He was in between meetings but made sure to call and express his excitement. I felt like I was in a dream the whole day. I couldn’t eat but cooked everything. I’ll never forget the words of one of the negotiators: “Mama, you have raised her well, we have never come across such a woman.’”

She said in November 2016, Zuma called her with a significant request. “I remember coming home from work, and he told me: ‘We need to find a symbol, Ntombi, so everyone will know you are someone’s fiancée’”.

“He was telling me we must look for the ring. We started looking for a ring. While I viewed options in Cape Town and Pretoria, Durban held the perfect choice for me.”

Virginity and pregnancy

LaConco emphasises that maintaining her virginity was a personal decision, not necessarily for marriage.

“After he paid lobola, I never felt pressured. When I was ready for the baby dance, it happened. His position never fazed me, my position in his life I never questioned because he showed me. He loved me loud behind closed doors,” she said.

LaConco said Zuma was the first person to see her pregnancy. She shared, “My breasts were the first sign. He told me I was pregnant; yoh, it pissed me off… He said there’s a bridge that will connect us forever. I thought I had cancer, but I was actually pregnant.”

Welcoming their baby boy

LaConco said she revealed their baby’s gender in April 2018, a baby boy named Sakhaumuzi.

“He said to me gender didn’t matter, but when he learned it was a boy, he was [overjoyed]. He named him Sakhaumzi, meaning ‘we are building a home’”.

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