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This is how Glammy told Kairo about her father’s death

This is how Lynn 'Glammy' Forbes told Kairo that her father had passed on using advice from a professional.

Lynn Forbes, the mother of late rapper AKA, has been famed for her love for her granddaughter, Kairo Forbes. Due to the close bond they shared, Glammy – as she is affectionately known by fans – revealed that she was the one tasked with letting Kairo know that her father had been killed.

In an exclusive interview with news anchor Abigail Visagie on eNCA’s News Night, Glammy detailed how she broke the devastating news. 

Screaming and falling to the floor 

She began by sharing how she found out about his murder while out at dinner with her siblings and how she reacted.

“I can remember just screaming and falling to the floor” before adding all the things she said out of initial shock. 

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Lynn Forbes and Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes | Picture: Instagram / @lynnforbesza

She made this revelation after sharing the close bond she not only shared with her son but her granddaughter whom she got to stay with on the weeks that Kairo stayed with her father as part of the shared custody agreement that Kairo’s parents had in place. 

AKA said his goodbyes

Speaking about his last night with his family, Glammy said that she was staying over at his house along with Kairo and his girlfriend Nadia Nakai and said that they had a “fun family week” prior to his trip to Durban. 

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Glammy explained that the family had made plans before the visit with the goal of spending time together as each of the adults had commitments planned for that following where they would each go off to do their own thing. 

“It was just a normal family evening and the next day was all the goodbyes. And some really special goodbyes now that I think about it…” she reflected.

According to Glammy, AKA’s final words to Kairo were: “I’m going to miss you so much and I want you to always know that daddy loves you”. 

Aka and his daughter, Kairo. Image via Instagram.

She also mentioned how she observed that he was the only person who could bring out a very particular giggle out of Nadia as he did on that day and added that she would miss hearing it. 

Speaking to Kairo about grief

Lynn said she was given the tough responsibility of breaking the heartbreaking news to the 7-year-old who was very close to her father. She added that this task is what made the news real for her that her son was no more. 

“I always talk to the psychologist at school so I had been told how to deal with death and how to tell a child when somebody has died and they always say you have to be to the point and not say ‘he went to Jesus’ or something like that or ‘he went to heaven’.” 

“Zinhle said she couldn’t deal with it, she said she couldn’t tell her so Britney (Stephen’s girlfriend), my sister and I went to her house,” explained Glammy.  

“I just said to her ‘we have some really sad news’…I said ‘your dad died.”

Lynn said Kairo asked how he died and that she told her that some bad people hurt him. 

Kairo then asked for more detail and that is when she was told that he had been shot and that she cried terribly upon hearing this. 

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Glammy concluded the portion of he interview by saying: “I told her that she could ask questions so she played and she went out… Then she came in and she said, ‘But, he’s coming back, right? He will be ok’ and I had to tell her, ‘No, he’s not coming back, and we have to bury him’.”

According to Nemours’ Kids Health portal, here are a few things to consider when helping your child or the children in your life when a loved one dies.

  • Use simple words to talk about death. 
  • Listen and comfort. 
  • Put feelings into words. 
  • Tell your child what to expect. 
  • Explain events that will happen.
  • Give your child a role.
  • Help your child remember the person. 
  • Give comfort and reassure your child.
  • Help your child feel better. 
  • Give your child time to heal from the loss. 
  • Get more help if needed.

‘Bongz is a real man’

In her interview, Glammy also praised DJ Zinhle’s husband, Bongani Mohosana, for how he has supported his family throughout this period and she touched on the backlash he has received for being a supportive husband. 

She said how he has conducted himself is proof of what a real man is contrary to the bile that has been spewed about him and his masculinity online. 

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