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WATCH: Julius Malema talks about the ramp lift, and opens up about his family life  

EFF President Julius Malema spent part of Wednesday morning with Anele and The Club on 947. We look at some key moments of his interview.

President of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema is no stranger to South Africans and definitely needs no introduction. The controversial politician trended on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday morning after he was interviewed by television and radio personality, Anele Mdoda on 947.

Malema who usually only talks politics revealed some intimate details about his family life and his kids, and also explained why he was hoisted up on a ramp lift at the EFF’s 10th birthday celebration at the FNB Stadium in July last year.

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Key moments of Julius Malema’s interview on 947  

The ramp lift incident

Who can forget Mzansi’s reactions when pictures and video clips of JuJu being lifted into the air after his speech started making the rounds on social media following the EFF’s 10-year birthday celebration last year? As Anele and The Club had him pinned down behind a microphone on Wednesday morning, the radio personality wanted to know whose idea it was for him to do this.

Malema explained that it wasn’t something he could easily agree to, but their stage production manager convinced him to do it.

JuJu says after he saw a demonstration of how the ramp lift works, he was excited to try it as it was something different.

“The first time it went up, I almost jumped. It starts by shaking and then it goes up. The knees were like no man,” he explained to the 947 team’s delight.

The family man

As the president of a political party, Malema has a very busy schedule, but the politician says he always tries to make time for his family. He also revealed some interesting information about his kids’ eating habits, sharing how they only eat ice cream when the sun is shining and that McDonalds and pizza is not really a big deal for them, laughingly adding that his two younger sons say they only eat McDonalds once a year.

Malema also spoke about his younger sons, who are 6 and 7-years-old, love for football, proudly telling Anele that they both know the world’s football history. His older son, Juju says is gradually starting to talk politics.

His thoughts on the upcoming elections

Malema says the only thing that can go wrong for his political party during this year’s elections is if their votes decline. “If it [votes for the EFF] declines, then it is a serious threat to the party’s future, but if it increases its votes and overtakes the DA and becomes the official opposition and be right on the neck of the ANC, people will see there is growth and that it is worth investing in the party.

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