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Masechaba Ndlovu opens up about conceiving after infertility diagnosis

"I knew I was destined to be a third-time mom.

Masechaba Ndlovu said her third baby boy was nothing short of a miracle, as she was diagnosed with infertility five years ago.

She said after an X-ray, her doctor told her she had to have her womb removed due to excessive fibroids.

“Cancer runs in my family, so I did not take this lightly,” she added.

The television presenter said after the infertility diagnosis, she went against medical advice and trusted her intuition.

“I dreamt of my baby before he was born. I KNEW I was destined to be a third-time mom. My partner loves children. For him, my diagnosis didn’t matter (in fact, he’s always wanted to adopt). However, in spite of this bleak diagnosis, we made a decision that we were going to try for a baby.

“For anyone else, this wouldn’t be a train smash. I was already blessed with two healthy, amazing boys. However, anyone who knows me knows how much I love kids. I have always dreamt of having a big family. I wanted another child.”

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Masechaba welcomed her third baby in May this year

Two weeks after welcoming her third son, Masechaba penned a heartwarming letter on Instagram dedicated to her son.

“Dear Lukhanyo, welcome to the world my son! Your dad and I are ecstatic that you are finally here. Although it’s been two weeks, it feels like two months, as we’ve barely gotten any sleep!

“They say a mother is a man’s first love, so this is my very first love letter to you and the first of many to come. I love you son. Your dad and I are ecstatic that you are finally here. I honestly don’t know how I would have coped if it were not for your dad …” she said.

In the letter, She also spoke about how she struggled to feed her baby in the first few days, highlighting that her husband’s support made things easy.

“Your dad encouraged me every day and he believed in what I was trying to do, even during that initial period when my milk was not sufficient for you. Your dad never stopped believing and instead encouraged and even assisted me to latch you on my breast before your bottle feeds.”

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