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‘Mauritius, see you soon,’ RHOD’s Jojo Robinson heads out for family vacay

Jojo recently recovered from a brachioplasty surgery. She previously revealed that she had undergone more than 20 cosmetic surgeries.

The Real Housewives of Durban’s (RHOD) JoJo Robinson has jetted out the country for a family vacation in Mauritius.

The reality TV personality together with her husband Calven and their eight-year-old son, Rocco flew out the country on Sunday for a family vacation on the island. Calven is a businessman and former kickboxing champion.

Jojo shared their travel plans on her Instagram as the family waited for their flight at the airport’s lounge on Sunday morning.

“I had a lot of people asking about this set, it is from Adidas. It’s their new rage, it’s so comfortable for travelling,” said Jojo in one of her Instagram stories.

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The tattooed TV personality recently shared a post about love overcoming hate and the lessons she’s learnt on her time on RHOD.

“The main things housewives has taught me over the years is that everyone deserves a second chance.Never judge someone’s actions because you don’t fully understand what that person is going through in their own personal capacity that led them to be that way,” said Jojo.

The post was accompanied by a photo of Jojo with her RHOD co-stars Nonku Williams, Maria Valaskatzis and Zama Ngcobo.

In the second season of the tv show Jojo and Nonku weren’t getting along, but have the grown to become besties over time.

“Be a little more compassionate to everyone even if they choose not to give you the same kindness. We don’t have to fight fire with fire. Sometimes, it’s better to move on and wish them the best,” wrote Jojo in her recent post.

“Real friendships are built on learning, understanding, forgiveness, loyalty, and trust, all of which come with time and effort. Open your heart and watch the love pour in,” she concluded.

Jojo recently recovered from a brachioplasty surgery. Jojo took to social media to revealing that she had undergone more than 20 cosmetic surgeries.

“Join me on my arm lift surgery journey aka brachioplasty and excess skin removal and lipo done on my sides to be exact.

“I’ve been wanting to do this surgery for the longest time, and I finally just pulled the plug and did it,” she told her many followers on Instagram.

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