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Mihlali admits to beating Musa Khawula, says she wishes she took his eye out

Musa has also explained what he was doing in Mihlali’s boyfriend’s office the day she assaulted him.

YouTube sensation and fashion influencer Mihlali Ndamase has responded to claims that she assaulted gossip blogger, Musa Khawula.

Confirming the allegations, Mihlali said she is not done with Musa and will do it again. She added: “I wish I took your eye out”.

A few days ago, Musa shared on Twitter that Mihlali beat him up at Leeroy Sidambe‘s (Mihlali’s boyfriend’s) office.

“Too many wishes but Mihlali Ndamase’s wish is to get my eye. I had a story that I wanted to verify with Leeroy. That’s how I ended up at the office. She was mad that I said her mom is a h*e the other day but then, is she not?” Musa said in his YouTube video, adding that Mihlali hit him with her iPhone.

Mihlali’s Instagram stories’ screenshot.

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Mihlali – ‘Leave my family out of this’

A few weeks ago, Mihlali released a statement on her Instagram stories responding to Musa’s allegations that her boyfriend paid for her trip with her mother.

She made it clear that she has been living large way before she even started dating, adding that Musa gives men too much credit.

“Musa, let me educate you and others since you lack information on who I am, and where I come from. With all due respect since y’all give men too much credit.

“Cars? Been exposed to luxury since birth. I was dropped off and picked up from school in [a] Mercedes from pre-primary… Money? I started working at 20. I’ve never been phased by what a partner can offer me.”

Mihlali also urged Musa to keep her family out of his social media posts.

“I’m not in the business of explaining myself and responding to BS even when a false narrative is being pushed because I know my truth and my work speaks for itself, but the moment you start attacking my loved ones, it’s personal.

“I signed up for this but my family didn’t… Clearly it’s not blogging anymore it’s personal. Don’t be disrespectful, that won’t guarantee you longevity. Leave my family out of this. Your poor attempt at ‘destroying me’,” Mihlali wrote.

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