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‘Are you not embarrassed?’: Monique Muller accuses Katlego Maboe of not paying for son’s school fees

TV star Katlego Maboe’s baby mama, Monique Muller, recently took to her Instagram stories alleging that he is a deadbeat father

TV star Katlego Maboe’s baby mama, Monique Muller, recently took to her Instagram stories alleging that he is a deadbeat father.

The pair have a five-year-old boy, and Monique is alleging that Katlego is refusing to take care of their child. She also accused him of lying about his income in court.

In a series of posts and videos, she said her baby daddy decided to put their son in an expensive school but only pays half of the school fees.

Monique says she cannot afford to pay the other half and has suggested they take the child to a more affordable school, but Katlego refused.

“Are there any other 6-figure earning fathers refusing to pay their kid’s school fees?

“It really be the celebs y’all fight for… that pleads poverty when it comes to taking care of their kids. And literally willing to let their child go without education. But plays ‘Father of the Year’.”

She adds that there was a time when her child was kicked out of school because his school fees had not been paid for two months.

“I have been suffering in silence for three years, but there is only so much one can take. One thing I will not do is let my child suffer.

“How can your expenses range 150k, and not even a third of that goes to your child? You rock the latest brands but shop at Pep for your child, and not even clothing that currently fits him. Are you not embarrassed as a parent?”

Monique Muller Instagram Stories screenshot.

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Monique says Katlego did not win domestic violence case

While Katlego released a statement last year announcing that the magistrate’s court ruled in his favour in his case against Monique, she states otherwise.

In the statement, Katlego said the court absolved him against allegations of misconduct that Monique made in 2020.

“The court has not made a finding of acts of domestic violence that were allegedly perpetrated against Ms Muller, and as such, the matter has been dismissed. This is a great victory for Mr Maboe who has maintained his innocence throughout the two-year ordeal,” the statement read.

In one of her Instagram videos, Monique said no one won the case.

She added: “My family had to pay a million [rand] in our court case and so at a million we capped it. I was like, I actually cannot afford to continue this domestic violence case. I had to settle because it went on for two years already.”

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