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No show, storming out, division, and more inside ‘The Mommy Club’ reunion

Drama galore...

Showmax has finally released the two-part reunion of the hit reality show, The Mommy Club.

The award-winning television presenter and actress Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo hosted the highly anticipated reunion.

Season one of the show followed the glamorous lives of five Jozi moms, Tshego Manche, Her Majesty, Nunurai, Mpumi Mops, and Ratile Mabitsela.

The reunion saw the division between the four ladies who were present, Nunurai teaming up with Ratile and Her Majesty with Mrs Mops.

Tshego was a no-show. Thembisa explained at the beginning of the show that they asked her to come to the reunion, but she declined.

“We also asked her to send us a video of her just speaking about her journey and speaking about the fact that she won’t be here tonight, or if her journey ends at all, and she declined to do so,” Thembisa added.

The four ladies said their relationships with Tshego were okay, and there was no beef whatsoever. So, it is not clear why she declined the reunion invitation.

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Ratile storms out during the reunion

Things got heated as Thembisa dug deeper into the drama that unfolded throughout the season.

Ratile, who had been apologising to Her Majesty for what she said about her on the show, including accusations that she was a clout chaser, finally stood up for herself just before she dramatically walked out.

“The fact that I said I am here to take accountability does not mean that I am here to take all the public beatings. I am here to stand my ground as well because I have every right also to stand up and be myself,” Ratile said before storming out.

The reunion wrapped with a little tiff between Ratile and Mrs Mops. When Thembisa asked the four ladies if they were leaving the reunion as friends, Mrs Mops did not hesitate to say no.

“We are leaving as colleagues,” Her Majesty said, while Ratile and Nunurai kept quiet.

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