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Tamia Mpisane thrilled about her ‘Kwa Mam’Mkhize’ debut

"People will see the real me in my element..."

Shauwn Mkhize’s daughter-in-law, Tamia Mpisane, will appear on Kwa Mam’Mkhize for the first time next Thursday.

The reality show is set to return for the second season on 14 December, with new episodes every Thursday.

Tamia is married to Andile Mpisane, and together they have two beautiful kids. She is also a chairwoman of Mam’Mkhize’s football club, The Royal AM.

Tamia said she was thrilled to finally join the show. She also admitted that she was nervous as she had never been part of a reality TV show before.

“I am nervous about the journey and everything it will come with. But with the support of my husband and family, it has been seamless.

“When I first started, I just thought it was going to be a walk in the park, but, yoh, it is a lot of work. When you get up, there are people with cameras in your face and there is nothing you can do because that is what you signed up for.”

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‘People will see the real me in my element’ – Tamia

Tamia said viewers should expect to see different aspects of her. She explained: “I am going to bring a lot. You will see me in all my roles as a wife, mother, chairwoman, and daughter.

“On social media, people often say that I do not speak because I am usually reserved, so they should watch the show and see me speak. People will see the real me in my element.”

She welcomed her second baby a few weeks ago. Speaking about motherhood, she said it had changed her.

“I have become so protective. I am honestly loving the journey. When you have kids, something in you changes, and you can never be the same again.”

The show gives fans an exclusive look into the luxurious lives of the business mogul Shauwn Mkhize and her children, Sbahle and Andile Mpisane.

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