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Steve Hofmeyr blames SA expat for being booted off MSC cruise ship

Hofmeyr says the reason why he is not allowed to perform on the MSC cruise ship next week is because of his opinions.

Controversial Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr was set to sail the seas from Cape Town to Walvis Bay and Namibia and perform on board the The MSC Sinfonia from 20 to 25 February, but he will now stay on dry land performing in Villiers instead.  

Frans Swart, Managing Director of Lefra Productions, told The Citizen on Friday morning that Lefra Productions had to pull Hofmeyr from his performance on the Kappityt Festival as a result of business and contractual agreements.  

“We want to sincerely apologise to all of Hofmeyr’s fans but want to assure them that Lefra Productions has introduced new artists to its line-up to ensure a great cruise experience with excellent entertainment.” said Swart.

Hofmeyr has been replaced by well-known South African artist, Bobby van Jaarsveld.

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Steve Hofmeyr responds to being ‘cancelled’

Hofmeyr took to his Facebook account on Monday to vent about his concert being cancelled, explaining to his fans why he can’t set foot on board the MSC.

Hofmeyr said very few of his concerts get cancelled and that only about four or five concerts have been moved to other venues over the past eight years.

According to the Afrikaans singer, Johan Sloet de Villiers, an expat who founded a lobby group in Amsterdam, wrote a letter to MSC cruises outlining reasons why the South African artist should not be allowed to perform on their cruise ship.

“In his long letter to MSC’s head office in Geneva, I saw that he still sends photos of me next to Eugene Terblanche and photos of me standing among the farmers in our khakis, but yet he omits to share any pictures of me with black people. There are no photos of me with Jacob Zuma or Nelson Mandela. There are no photos of my meeting with Pallo Jordan. He likes to mention my fondness for the old national anthem but is silent about the fact that I sang the old national anthem with Brenda Fassie and others at all those Tri-Nations rugby games.”

Hofmeyr goes on to talk about the high farm murder rates in South Africa and how this Amsterdam nemesis [Sloet de Villiers] doesn’t mention that both white and black South Africans complain about the high crime rates in the country.

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Hofmeyr concludes his video by saying that he has never been found guilty on any of Sloet’s charges by any court, police or human right commission.

Watch the video below:

Hofmeyr says the reason why he is not allowed to perform on the MSC cruise ship next week is because of his opinions.

“Although my opinions are not always very popular everywhere, there is no singer in the world that is asked his/her opinion about something before they are allowed to perform somewhere – it’s just Steve Hofmeyr.

“MSC Cruises had to choose between their left-wing activist in Amsterdam and thousands of people – you who had booked a ticket, and people like me who’ve filled their ships for 10 years. They chose the woke snowflake,” he said.

He further added that those who bought tickets should ask for their money back and avoid all MSC cruises and that he personally will never set foot one of their ships again.

“I don’t care what they offer. I don’t like getting sea sick. You can vomit at your own house. You can barf in your garden. Who needs a cabin?”

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