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‘uThando Nesthembu’: Wives celebrate Musa and MaCele’s 20th wedding anniversary

MaCele and polygamist Musa Mseleku celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, as his other wives celebrated their union as well.

MaCele and Musa Mseleku’s 20th wedding anniversary took centre stage on the latest episode of uThando Nesthembu

Mseleku’s first wife has made it clear that once they reached the milestone of their 20th wedding anniversary, he isn’t going to get a new wife, a struggle he has had all season

Mpumelelo’s pologamist family

The episode started with the patriarch putting his foot down on his son Mpumelelo who now has two girlfriends and one child out of wedlock.

During a family meeting with his parents, second wife MaYeni and Mseleku, Mpumelelo was adamant that he will be a polygamist just like his father. 

However, his father isn’t happy with how he is going about it.

MaYeni doesn’t think Mpumelelo can handle polygamy, but Mseleku’s biggest concern is that his son has a child without paying labour and has two girlfriends he hasn’t wed.

“Even if he doesn’t pay lobola, he has to go and inform the parents that he is dating their children. So that if they fall pregnant, they won’t look far.”

MaYeni thinks Mpumelelo needs to take his time before making any further commitments because he is still young, only 22 years old. 

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Mseleku said he can’t reprimand his son because of his age, because he started polygamy at the age of 23.

Mpumelelo thinks he has what it takes to be a polygamist and he doesn’t want to marry, divorce and remarry because that isn’t the purpose of polygamy and its “cowardice” to not fix your commitments with your wives.

MaCele and MaKhumalo’s bond

The first and third wife’s bond resonated with audiences during the ninth episode.

The two consider themselves free spirits, they don’t have much tension, and they can easily conversate. 

Makhumalo was visiting MaCele to help her celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with a husband they share.

Makhumalo brought gifts for the woman who opened the door for the other wives.

MaCele got very emotional on the big day of their anniversary party, she was overcome with emotion, explaining she was in deep prayer.

“I’m not where my physical body is but I moved to another place.” She added it’s a connection to see how far she has come, a sign that God has put her in a better place. 

MaCele and Musa Mseleku’s 20th anniversary

The entire family attended the anniversary, with all the wives excited for MaCele.

Mseleku said his first wife exceeded all her duties and stayed through the arrival of the other wives, “I can’t fault her”. 

He was happy with the attendance of his daughter Sne, who recently had a fallout with MaCele. 

MaKhumalo made a speech for the couple, admitting MaCele did have a tough time welcoming the new wives but they had to persevere through the challenges. 

MaCele said in her speech their marriage wasn’t an easy road and she is a proud to call herself Mrs Mseleku. 

The businessman concluded his union by saying MaCele has served the “family with distinctions”.

Viewers said polygamy isn’t for the faint-hearted, as some struggled to fathom how the other wives could attend MaCele and Mseleku’s wedding anniversary.

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