Daily hacks: Three ways to clean your braai stand

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This Heritage Day, many will be whipping out their braai stands to celebrate the public holiday with their families and loved ones.

Getting old and stubborn grease stains off your braai stand can a mission, but with these easy tips and tricks, you will find it easier and quicker to clean your braai stands. It will leave them clean for the next time you may need to use them.

Lemon and salt hack

The first hack is shared by Bobby Boyd on TikTok. He makes use of a whole lemon – cut in half – some salt and a fork to hold the lemon.

He uses his fork to stab into the lemon and then dabs the lemon into the salt.

He then rubs the lemon and salt all over a hot braai stand. This helps to melt and dissolve old grease which is stuck onto the braai stand.


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Old fashioned water and soap

Lisa has taken to social media to share her hack on how to easily clean a braai stand, with just soap and water.

Lisa removes the grill part of the braai stand and places it in her kitchen sink. She then fills the sink up with boiling hot water and then tosses in a dishwasher tablet.

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Lisa says the grill part of the braai stand should be left in the water to soak for a few hours. The longer the better.

When you decide to take the part out of the water after a few hours, you will see that the hardened, old grease stains have dissolved and separated from the braai stand.

It will then be easier to wash.

This hack works best if you have a few hours to spare before or after using your braai stand.


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Onion hack

The last hack is shared by Amy Turkett.

Amy makes use of an onion cut in half to clean her braai stand.

She simply uses a fork to stab into the onion and then rubs the onion all over the hot braai stand, which then breaks down and dissolves the old grease stuck onto the braai stand.

The juices released by the onion are antibacterial, and they assist in breaking breaking down grease, and keeping your braai stands shiny.


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♬ original sound – Amy Turkett

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