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Sex education for adults: Why old dogs need new tricks

In your teens you learned what sex is and how it works, in your young 20s you fumbled your way around to one or two accidental orgasms, but as you near your 30s, it is time to learn how to be good in bed.

Sex education for adults is not exclusively for virgins, it is also very handy for the sexually experienced to sharpen up their bedroom skills.

According to a report by the Responsible Sex Education Institute, sex education for adults can provide a refresher on certain topics and it also gives you the opportunity to explore topics you want to learn more about.

The sex you had in your teens and young twenties may have been satisfactory for both parties at the time, but as times evolve, your skills should too.

The missionary position may have been a hit back in the day, but chances are that you’ll end up with a very unsatisfied partner if that’s the only move in your arsenal, or your first go-to move for that matter.

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Sex needs to evolve as you age

The popular phrase “growing wiser as you age” might be applicable to things like making better financial decisions, having better control over your emotions, and having more empathy towards others as the years tick by, but when it comes to sex, age, unfortunately does not bring wisdom.

As you grow older, not only will you experience physical changes such as changes in experiencing erections or vaginal lubrication, but your sexuality might also change – something that often happens when you are going through a separation or divorce.

As you near your 40s or 50s, your sexual and romantic attractions might also change, which would also necessitate a refresher course on ‘how to have sex’.

Pornhub might seem like the answer, but if you are truly wanting to experience an erotic time with your partner, pleasuring both of you, you are going to need a little more guidance than the harsh moves porn stars show off on-screen.

Where to learn

Every man wants to believe he is a stallion in the bedroom and would most likely rather get hit by a taxi than admit to not knowing what’s new, hip and happening on the sex scene. However, there is no shame in learning new tricks.

Brushing up on your bedroom skills will not only be an excellent way to spice up a dull relationship, but seeing your partner’s pleasure will add a spring in your step.

Sex education for adults’ resources

One of the many benefits of sex education for adults is that you don’t have to sit in a classroom with your friends, blushing bright red while pretending to be cool. You can learn new moves and tricks in the comfort of your own home and maybe even do a practical after your class.

Here are some websites and YouTube channels to check out:

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