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REVEALED: 5 workplace Christmas party mistakes that could get you fired

Workplace Christmas parties are meant for colleagues to relax and celebrate the holiday season.

It is that time of the year when colleagues usually go out together for a holiday cheer, otherwise known as a workplace Christmas party.

The legal experts at Top Rated Law, together with BACP registered counselor Georgina Sturmer, have compiled a list of workplace Christmas party mistakes that can cost you your job.

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Here are the five workplace Christmas party mistakes that could get you fired


It is essential to resist the open bar temptation and pace yourself. Georgina highlights that you must remember that you’re still in a professional setting and act accordingly.

“Figure out what boundaries you need to have to avoid things spiraling when you’re at the party. If you’re worried about how much you will drink, think about how you manage it. You might find it helpful to keep yourself away from the bar or drinks table or alternate with soft drinks,” she added.

Asking for a Promotion

The worst place you can ever think of asking for a promotion is at a workplace Christmas party.

Georgina said mixing professional requests with a social gathering can blur personal and professional life boundaries.

Oversharing Grievances

Resist the urge to vent work-related grievances or complain about colleagues during the festivities, even if others are openly expressing their concerns.

Craig Anderson at Top Rated Law adds: “Sharing sensitive or confidential information, whether intentional or unintentional, can breach trust within the workplace. It’s crucial to be mindful of the information you disclose, especially if it pertains to colleagues or company matters.”

Inappropriate Attire Choices

Remember, the workplace Christmas party is an extension of the professional environment, and maintaining a balance between festive enjoyment and professional etiquette is critical to ensuring a positive experience for everyone.

Dressing inappropriately can not only offend colleagues but also create a lasting impression that extends beyond the holiday season.

Misinterpreting Mistletoe Moments

Avoiding the temptation to flirt with your colleagues can help you to maintain a positive professional environment.

Georgina explains: “In many cases, we do end up meeting our perfect partner when we are in the workplace, but the workplace Christmas party is a really high-stakes event at which to pursue a flirtation. Notice that you’re feeling a romantic impulse towards someone else, and then see if you can hold onto it for another time.”

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