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WATCH: Navigating money matters in love – Insights from influencer couple Danielle and JP Steynvaardt

The couple have been married for eleven years.

Talking openly with your partner about money matters can help you avoid financial issues in your relationship.

During an interview with Timothy Maurice Webster on the Momentum Science of Success podcast, the influencer couple Danielle and Jaun-Pierre ‘JP’ Steynvaardt shared how they handle financial challenges in their relationship.

According to the couple, who have been married for 11 years, discussing finances early on in a relationship is crucial.

JP shared his personal experience, highlighting how different it was from Danielle’s and how it shaped their views on money.

“The whole idea of money was different for both of us. I grew up very poor, and she was in a privileged home. When I got my first paycheck, I just wanted to explore and buy everything my heart desired because I never had that,” he said.

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Financial planning in relationships

The couple also spoke about the importance of financial planning, including budgeting, debt disclosure, and contingency planning.

“There was a time in our relationship when JP didn’t tell me all of his debts. When he asked me to marry him, I said I will marry you the day you pay off all your debts.

“One day, he phoned me and said there were a few things that he hadn’t been honest about. He opened up about everything [about his finances], and we started talking about numbers, and I think it was that honesty that kept the spark alive,” Danielle said.

They also opened up about how they faced unexpected challenges in their marriage, such as infertility, which not only strained their emotional well-being but also brought them significant financial burdens.

“It was an actual burden because you make decisions based on emotion. So, you know, you hear about this amazing doctor in Sandton, and you just throw money at it, and you literally don’t care if you go into debt.

“It was a big goal for us to have the proverbial perfect family, and now it can’t happen. So, yeah, it was really difficult,” JP said.

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