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Mercedes-Benz renaming electric G-Class as reveal date emerges

Production version of the EQG will have a quad-motor setup and a 360-degree turning system called G Turn.

Mercedes-Benz will officially complete the refreshed G-Class roll-out on 24 April when it debuts the production variant of the all-electric EQG at the Auto China Expo in Beijing.

An event that will also see the unveiling of the facelift EQS, the AMG GT 63 S E Performance, as well as the Concept CLA, the three-pointed star confirmed the model, known until now as the EQG, will be called the G580 with EQ Technology in a role no longer separate from the newly facelifted G-Class.

G Turn

A decision not to continue with the moniker the concept debuted with at the IAA in Munich almost three years ago as a likely result of the entire EQ division ceasing operations by the end of this year, the G580 will retain a body-on-frame platform, with the majority of the changes taking place underneath its skin.

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Although still shrouded in mystery in spite of the latest images on X showing the thinly disguised production model undergoing winter weather testing at Benz’s facility in Arjeplog, Sweden, set to be offered dynamic features comprises the new kinetic suspension system and a 360-degree turning function called G Turn.

Farewell three diff-locks

Production electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class will be called G580
Smaller rear spare wheel cover serves as the storage area for the various charging outlets. Image: Mercedes-Benz on X

Demonstrated in a newly released video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, the all wheel turning setup, whose exact details are also still unknown, will omit the trademark three locking differentials in favour of a quad-motor configuration at each wheel.

While also set to retain the W463 internal moniker as the now hybrid engine G-Class, the G580, according to motor1.com, will derive motivation from a battery pack of a around 100-kWh previous reports have alleged would produce 373 kW.

Production electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class will be called G580
Screengrab of the G580’s tank turn called G Turn. Image: Mercedes-Benz on X

Its claimed range being in the vicinity of 500 km, the publication goes further by a suggesting a ground clearance of 250 mm, an approach angle of 32-degrees and a departure angle of 35-degrees.

Billed as “real G” in spite of the electric hardware, the G580 will differ subtly from the G500 and G450d externally, the biggest being the sealed-off grille and the smaller than usual spare wheel cover containing the various charging cables.

Production electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class will be called G580
G580’s exterior differences from the standard G-Class will be subtle. Image: Mercedes-Benz on X

The same applies to the interior, which will most likely be similar in look and design, but with subtle differences only expected to be divulged in Shanghai in just over three weeks’ time.

More details soon

Set to enter production next year, don’t be surprised if more details emerge within the coming days as part of the final teaser before the wraps officially come off.

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