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Lancia on the comeback as first new model in 13 years debuts

Iconic brand's first new model in 13 years will no longer be sold exclusively in Italy, but for the time being, remains left-hand-drive only.

Its uncertain future assured after the merger between former parent company, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the PSA Group that resulted in Stellantis three years ago, once iconic brand Lancia has finally showcased its first all-new model in more than a decade.

Same name, completely new focus

Once again bearing the Ypsilon nameplate, the fourth iteration since the original’s debut in 1995 initially as the Lancia Y, the newcomer not only departs dramatically from its predecessor – based on the same platform as the combustion engine Fiat 500 – but according to Lancia, represents the start of it calls a “new era”.

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Its sales until now limited to Italy and only in the guise of the Ypsilon, which will eventually be bolstered by at least two other models before 2030, one being the revived Delta in 2028 and not 2026 as previously reported, the newcomer boasts an electric powertrain that will be standard on every Lancia by 2027.

All-new Lancia Ypsilon finally revealed
Rear has been dramatically reworked from the 208 and Corsa with round taillights similar in appearance to the Stratos. Image: Stellantis

In certain markets though, a mild-hybrid will be offered, but in a brief capacity as per the mentioned date, in addition to Stellantis moving all of its brands away from combustion engines before 2030.

‘New Lancia’

Effectively the triplet of the Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208 as it rides on the same electrically optimised e-CMP platform instead of the new EV dedicated STLA architecture, the Ypsilon measures four metres long, 1.7 metres wide and 1.4 metres high. The claimed wheelbase wasn’t disclosed.

Debuting a styling language called Pu+Ra derived from “pure” and “radical”, the Ypsilon also introduces a new take on the Lancia logo, now spread across in a block letter design the brand calls “progressive classic”.

All-new Lancia Ypsilon finally revealed
Interior sports a dual 10.25-inch display Lancia calls SALA. Image: Stellantis

Its frontal appearance being Lancia specific with the rear bearing similarities to the Stratos in the design of the taillight clusters, inside, the transformation has been equally as radical and in complete contrast to the interiors of the 208 and Corsa.

Equipped with a BMW-style Curved Display comprising a pair of 10.25-inch displays Lancia calls SALA or Sound Air Light Augmentation, the setup will be standard on all derivatives and besides incorporating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, also includes an AI assistant.

All-new Ypsilon revealed as Lancia's first in 13 years
Seats in the limited edition Cassina model are trimmed in a recyclable yarn finished in blue velvet. Image: Stellantis

Designed around the concept of a living room, the cabin’s amenities include a wireless smartphone charger, heated, electric and massaging front seats, a sound system said to have been designed specifically for the Ypsilon, ambient lighting and three type-C USB ports.

Reserved for the limited run Cassina model depicted is a recycled yarn material finish on the seats in velvet blue, a “cannelloni” double stitch pattern carried over the doors and dual-tone black-and-silver 17-inch alloy wheels.

All-new Ypsilon revealed as Lancia's first in 13 years
Design of the centre console has attracted significant attention. Image: Stellantis

Notable safety and driver assistance systems comprise a 180-degree reverse camera, Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Centering and Lead Vehicle Alert.

Same sibling EV heart

Up front, the Ypsilon’s electric hardware has been caried over from the e-208 and Corsa Electric without change.

This means outputs of 115kW/260Nm from the 51-kWh battery pack, a claimed range of 403 km and waiting time of 24 minutes from 20-80% using a DC fast charger.

RHD future?

Now available in Italy with Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain next followed by Germany in 2025, the Ypsilon could reportedly also be made with right-hand-drive for the first time since Lancia departed right hooking nations with the Thema in 1994.

“In the coming year, if things go well, why not trying to bring (Lancia models with) right-hand-drive also in Japan, South Africa or Australia,” CEO Luca Napolitano was quoted by Automotive News Europe as saying three years ago.

As it stands, no further details about the brand’s expansion outside of Europe is known, however, expect a clearer image to eventually emerge over the next few years.

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