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Volvo pulls plug on Recharge as C40 becomes EC40 and XC40 EV EX40

New monikers also come with a 25 kW power shock for all dual-motor EV models.

Ahead of its move towards complete electrification before 2030, Volvo has announced the end of the Recharge moniker on all of its non-combustion engine models, in addition to a new designation for the C40.

Different switches flicked

A step the Chinese-owned Swedish brand says highlights its move away from combustion engines by said year, the change will see the C40 Recharge become the EC40 and the XC40 Recharge the EX40 to complement the EX30, EX90 and EM90 MPV.

The dropping of the Recharge nomenclature doesn’t stop at EVs though, as the plug-in hybrid variants of the XC60, XC90 and S90 also loose the nameplate in favour of the already present power denoting T6 and T8.

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It, therefore, means the XC60, XC90 and S90 Recharge will simply become the T6 or T8, while the P6 and P8 variants of the now renamed EX40 will live-on, albeit without the Recharge suffix as indicated.

Meanwhile, the mild-hybrid variants of the XC60 and XC90, in B5 guise, have also been revised, but with retuned software for a claimed four and two percent improvement in efficiency without any power uptakes or deductions.

More shock

Set to fully drop diesel engines this year as means of obtaining a 50/50 sales split between hybrid and electric vehicles come 2025, the surprise restructuring has also unlocked more power for the now renamed EC40 and EX40.

Confirmed for select markets, both now come as standard with what Volvo calls the Performance package on all Twin Motor models.

Further furnished with a recalibrated throttle pedal mapping, power output increases from 300 kW to 325 kW, with torque supposedly unchanged at 660 Nm.

Unknown though is whether the added grunt has had an impact on range in spite of the actual battery size being unaltered.

As a comparison, the soon-to-be-outgoing models have respective ranges of 500 km and 510 km, with the XC40 P8 Recharge cracking 100 km/h from zero in 4.8 versus the C40 Recharge’s 4.7 seconds. In both instances, top speed is limited to 180 km/h.

“By aligning our trailblazing first electric models with the rest of our electric car portfolio, we simplify choice for consumers as we continue to electrify our line-up and refresh our hybrids,” Volvo Cars Deputy CEO, Björn Annwall, said in a statement.

South Africa waits

Still to be rolled-out in South Africa, where the sales of oil-burners ended with the reveal of the facelift XC40 in 2022, the introduction of the newly badged EX40 and EC40 will most likely only happen towards the latter stages of this year as no official confirmation has so far been made.

With Volvo Cars South Africa’s immediate focus being on the unveiling of the EX30 this week, expect clearer details surrounding the new badging and Performance pack to be made then.

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