Daily hacks: How to clean and maintain your dirty drains

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Dirty drains can harbour pests such as cockroaches and drain flies, as well as unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses which may affect your health.

It is important to regularly clean your drain as this will help improve the lifespan of your drain by decreasing the damage that can accumulate over time, keep your drain smelling fresh, and ensure that the repairs needed on your drain are kept to a minimum as the smaller problems are always found and fixed before the escalate into bigger problems.

Here are some effective ways to clean out your dirty drains and maintain them to ensure that they are not a health hazard:

Original vinegar and baking soda method

Pour some baking powder into the sink, and then pour a cup of vinegar over the baking soda.‌

These two ingredients will work together to dissolve all of the clogged up dirt in the drain, and get rid of any smells which might be in your pipes or your drains.

The baking soda and white vinegar solution can also be used to get rid of some stains from your clothes or furniture.

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Baking soda and white vinegar cleaning method. Picture: iStock

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Drain chemicals and cleaners

There are cleaning and preventative treatments which you can buy from your nearest grocery or hardware store that can be good for cleaning out your drain and removing any odour from it.

Biological or enzymatic drain cleaners are relatively safe and environmentally friendly, which means that they wont also pose a threat to you or your family’s health.

Cleaning products in the store. Picture: iStock

Plunge, plunge, plunge

Sometimes it may be difficult to clear a drain with homemade remedies or store bought products because the clump and dirt has fully clogged up the drain.

If you are not winning in cleaning your drain with the previous two methods, then you should try unclogging the drain with plunger.

Simply fill the sink or bathtub with just enough enough water to cover the drain and the base of the sink or tub.

Press the plunger firmly down over the clogged up drain, and give the drain quick pumps. The pressure created by the water and plunger should allow for the clogged up dirty to travel up the drain, and make it easier for you to remove the clump and clear your drain.

A woman plunging her drain. Picture: iStock

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