Daily hacks: Tips and tricks to wrap round Christmas gifts, and more

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With Christmas steadily approaching, this is the perfect time to buy or create special gifts for your family and loved ones.

Usually when gifts are given during the festive season, they are wrapped in unique and festive Christmas-themed wrapping papers, but wrapping gifts is not a skill everyone has.

These easy and quick gift wrapping hacks will be of great use this festive season as you can wrap your own gifts at home and save a little bit of money in your pocket which you could have spent on getting all your gifts wrapped by someone else.

Wrapping gifts for beginners

Jessica Haizman has shared an easy step by step tutorial on how to wrap your gifts with wrapping paper if you are a beginner.

She starts off by measuring the width of the wrapping paper to ensure that it covers the entire gift. She then measures the height of the wrapping to ensure that she has enough to cover the edges of the gift she is wrapping.

She then places her gift in the middle of the wrapping paper, and then pulls both sides of the paper onto the gift to cover the gift, before holding both sides together with some tape.

She then uses her thumbs to push the middle of the top of the wrapping paper down, and then create a crease on the top and bottom of the wrapping paper.

She then tapes one side down, and tapes the other side onto the side that has already been taped down.

She repeats that process to cover the bottom of the gift with the wrapping paper, before adding a ribbon to complete the wrapped gift.


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Wrapping round gifts

Lennia starts off by placing her round gift in the middle of the wrapping paper, and then cut off any excess wrapping paper while ensuring that there is enough wrapping paper to cover the top and bottom of the gift, as well as the whole body of the gift.

She then cuts strips along the longer sides of the wrapping paper. Once she is done, she rolls the wrapping paper around the body of the gift and tapes it down. Before folding down each strip, she cut on the longer sides of the wrapping paper to neatly cover the top and bottom of her round gift.

She ends off that step by pasting down all the folded strip pieces to ensure that they do not become loose or stick out. She ends off her wrapped gift by placing a cute ribbon on the top of the gift.


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Fancy gift wrapping

This gift wrapping technique is for people who would like to go the extra mile to impress their friends and loved ones.

Marisa starts off by cutting her wrapping paper to make sure that it fully covers the top and the sides of the gift.

She then folds the wrapping paper over almost the whole bottom of the gift, and then puts it in place using tape.

She then folds in the side of the wrapping paper, and crosses it over the present to create a crease.

She holds that piece of wrapping paper down with tape, and then repeats that process on the other side of the wrapping paper and gift.

She then repeats that exact process by folding in the extra wrapping paper on the one side and crossing it over to create a crease, and then does the very same thing on the other side of the wrapping paper and gift.

She then cuts off the extra wrapping paper at the top of the gift, before folding it in as you would a regular present, and then sticking the wrapping paper down with tape.

To add an extra cute look to the gift, she puts in a candy cane as well as a plastic Christmas tree branch into the folds on the wrapping paper.


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