Goodness, it’s already December

This weekend, I have to make a list of the things that are important.

Is it really December already? This week, I complained that I’m tired. “It’s end-of-year fatigue,” the lovely Snapdragon said. We all have it.

“It can’t be close to the end of the year,” I replied. “It was March just the other day.”

“It’s only three weeks before Christmas,” said Snapdragon.

I consulted the calendar on the fridge and, lo and behold, it’s December already. Somehow, three-quarters of the year has disappeared.

“Don’t you see the Christmas decorations in the shops and can’t you hear the Boney M music in the supermarkets?” she asked.

“I just shook my head. I’m a hopeless mall rat and I love shopping, but I haven’t been able to spend any quality time in my favourite shopping centres lately.

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“But I haven’t been able to do any of the stuff I planned for the year. I still wanted to take dog food to the local SPCA and deliver clothes to shelters and take Egg to the theatre…”

Next year I’ll have to approach things differently. My family is important and my job means the world to me, but there are also little things that make you human. Like touching the souls of people around you.

“I hope I have more time to care more for the people around me next year,” I told Snapdragon.

“You won’t have more time next year,” she said. “The year will have 12 months. Like this year, there will only be 365 days. Next year isn’t even a leap year. It’s not about having more time, it’s all about using your time better.”

Don’t I just hate it when she’s the wise and sober one in our family? This weekend, I have to make a list of the things that are important. The things I want to do next year, because, as Snapdragon said, I won’t magically have the time for it. I’ll have to make it.

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If I don’t, 2023 will overwhelm me and run away without me even noticing. Like 2022. Or 2021 and 2020…

“What’s wrong with him?” Egg said when she came into the kitchen and saw my expression.

“He didn’t realise it’s December already,” Snapdragon answered.

“Does he even know it’s 2023 already?” Egg asked and laughed.

Next year I’ll show those two a thing. The year 2023 will be different, but I’ll have to start planning now. There are only 390 days left before Christmas, after all…

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