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By Enkosi Selane

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Sasko driver shooting: Man arrested not double murder suspect, says police (VIDEO)

Man trending for killing truck driver and colleague has only been arrested for being in the country illegally.

Western Cape Police have cleared the air on reports a gunman linked to the tragic shooting of two Sasko employees has been arrested.

On Thursday, Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie, told The Citizen that an arrested Zimbabwean national said to be involved in the murder has no links to the incident.

“Be advised that a 28-year-old Zimbabwean national was arrested in Beaufort-West yesterday, 22 May 2024, as an undocumented person.

“However, he is not a suspect in the Delft double murder of a week ago,” said Pojie.

The man is expected to appear in the Beaufort-West Magistrates’ Court soon.  

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Police said they are still investigating where the arrested individual was headed and could not share details about the arrest.

WATCH: Police explain the arrest

Social media rumors

Several posts on social media said the police received a tip-off from a community member alerting them about the whereabouts of the wanted suspects.

This circulating information came from a screenshot from a WhatsApp group where a case number and information on the suspect were shared.

“At the time he was travelling to Zimbabwe. The name of the bus and its current location was provided by the informer together with the photo of the suspect,” the information from the screenshot read.

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Truck driver and colleague shot

Three employees driving a bread truck were shot and killed last week Thursday, in Delft Western Cape. The victims were declared dead at the scene by medical personnel.

However, one of the men who was sitting in the middle during the shooting survived the tragic incident.

The police have yet to release the identities of the two victims who succumbed to the gun wounds during the robbery.

The motive behind the shooting is still unknown, and no suspects have been identified or arrested in connection to the murder.

The investigation into the murder of the truck driver and his colleague is ongoing.

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