Rorisang Kgosana
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4 Oct 2017
5:20 am

Churches come together in Pretoria to pray for ethical leadership

Rorisang Kgosana

They took to the podium at the Union Buildings to denounce corruption, abuse of women and children, unemployment and poverty.

Hundreds of people gathered on the lawns of the Union Buildings for an interdenominational prayer service to pray for South Africa, 3 October 2017, Pretoria. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Members of more than 50 churches came together at the Union Buildings yesterday, praying for South Africa to be rid of President Jacob Zuma’s “rotten” government, as they felt the country needed “ethical leadership”.

Under the initiative “Prayer For The Nation”, about 300 people from as far as KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Town and the Vaal praised and worshipped on the lawn while requesting God’s intervention to bring “righteousness and justice” into the country.

“We chose the Union Buildings as it is the highest office in the land and is a strategic place, because our government is seated here,” said spokesperson of the interdenominational initiative Pastor Frank Booysen.

Church leaders took to the podium to denounce corruption, abuse of women and children, unemployment and poverty.

“We can’t seem to break through it [poverty]. Yes, there is money in the government, but where does it end up? We need to to go back to morality and spirituality, respect, love and forgiveness.”

With an attendance of different races and a majority of elderly women in their respective church uniforms, the four-hour prayer session included a live band and singers, depicting a full church service which was open to the general public.

But while Zuma was welcoming Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe just a kilometre away to discuss relations between the two countries, Booysen said the country was in need of ethical leadership instead of fighting for power.

“What we see happening at the top is just a disgrace to the country. “If the head is rotten, obviously it will affect the whole body. We want transparency throughout the nation and government.”

“If we don’t act and make a stand, we will lose.

“This country will really go down the drain.” –