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Security beefed up on Numbi Road to curb crime scourge

It is hoped the security interventions will help catch criminals targeting tourists.

Concerted efforts to up security measures have already been implemented on Numbi Road, following the deadly botched hijacking involving German tourists on Monday.

This thanks to the combined efforts of the Numbi community, the Kruger Loweld Chamber of Business and Tourism (KLCBT) and White River Hi-Tech Security.

The attack on the tourists resulted in 67-year-old Joerg Schnarr being fatally wounded in an apparent botched hijacking outside the Kruger National Park. His wife Vera and a couple they were with survived the attack.

The group were on their way to a lodge near the Kruger Park’s Numbi Gate when they were stopped by three armed suspects.

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Security upgrades

Lowvelder reports that cameras have already been placed at secret locations along the contentious Numbi Road, to monitor suspicious activity and track criminal suspects.

Hi-Tech Security will also continue its 24 hour armed patrolling of the road and surrounding areas.

Jan Labuschagne of White River Hi-Tech told the publication that security on the road was upscaled two months ago.

“But now, the KLCBT has facilitated the erection of additional cameras and heightened surveillance.”

The oversized speed bumps on Numbi Road have also been removed by the community, with only one remaining.

The speed bumps, initially put up by residents, forced drivers to slow down significantly, which created an opportunity for criminals to pounce on unsuspecting vehicles.

The number of officers at the Masoyi police station could also be increased, to beef up the presence of authorities, but also to increase patrols in the area.

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Suspects in custody

Police minister Bheki Cele and National Commissioner Fannie Masemola visited the crime scene where the tourists were attacked on Wednesday.

Three suspects were identified and taken in for questioning by police, and Cele said an arrest was imminent.

Police have reportedly identified the car that was used to rob the German tourists.

“The tourism sector is highly contested, and is the bread and butter of millions of households in this province and other parts of the country, this is why it must be guarded jealously by all of us including communities and we simply cannot let such callous acts go unpunished.

“This is why it is highly encouraging to see police in this province move with agility to find those responsible for this crime,” Cele said.

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Vera Schnarr has insisted she wants to fly home with her husband’s body, Lowvelder reported.

The Department of Home Affairs, as well as the Department of International Relations, are in the process of arranging the necessary paperwork to allow this.

“We have given the family the support they need, and I believe that all arrangements will go accordingly, and that her wish will be granted.

“It is unfortunate that she has to go back with him dead, when their plan was to go back together alive after exploring our country,” said Cele.

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Edited by Nica Richards.

Parts of this article first appeared on Caxton publication Lowvelder’s website. Read the original article here.

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