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By Enkosi Selane

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Two wanted cash-in-transit robbers fatally shot in police shootout

Two suspects involved in cash-in-transit heists, farm attacks and house robberies were fatally shot in a police shootout.

On Saturday, two fugitives were shot dead during a shootout with the police in Verulam, Durban.

According to KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda, said the suspects were on the most wanted list for involvement in inter-provincial cash-in-transit robberies, robbing households and attacking farms.

Law enforcement officials including the Hawks, private security personnel and the tactical response team (TRT) operationalised intelligence and cut off the suspects’ vehicle on the Jabu Ngcobo Drive.

“Upon noticing the presence of the police, the suspects started firing shots at the men of law. Police retaliated and a shootout ensued,” said Netshiunda.

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Following the shootout, one of the fugitives who had a rifle with him slipped away from being arrested and made a getaway from the scene. However, two other suspects were discovered to have tragically succumbed to their gunshot wounds.

According to the police spokesperson, law enforcements are carrying out an intensive search for the runaway fugitive.

“The two deceased were among the 15 suspects who attempted to kill TRT members during a foiled cash in transit robbery in Nkandla in August 2019. The very same suspects were later arrested but absconded from court after they were released on bail,” he added.

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Furthermore, police discovered that one of the killed suspects had a gun with him.

Micro kidnappings to overtake cash-in-transits

Criminals have found a new way to make easy and instant money according to the owner of SCP Security, Clive Maher.

Maher predicts that micro kidnappings will take over from cash-in-transits in the near future.

This was after an 85-year-old businessman was kidnapped on 9 February. The man is yet to be found.

According to Maher, the victim does not have a problematic reputation and is retired to content.

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“This case has drawn much interest and there is more to this story, but police do not want to share more information until the case is resolved,” said the security expert.

Micro kidnappings as the security expert describes, refer to the abducting of individuals for comparably tiny amounts of cash which can be easily transferred on a banking app and only take five minutes to do, such as R50 up to R100 000.

“Kidnappings are a difficult area to work in but is something that should be taken seriously by everyone in the country. I have been saying for months that kidnappings will supersede cash-in-transit crimes as the country begins to go cashless,” said Maher.

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