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By Cornelia Le Roux

Digital Deputy News Editor

Is the ANC using your money to fund its election campaign? The DA wants answers…

The DA has launched a bid to have ANC election campaign funding investigated.

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen wants Public Protector Koleka Gcaleka to probe the alleged abuse of state funds and manipulation of public resources by President Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC to supplement the ruling party’s election campaign.

Since winning the 2019 elections with a majority vote of 57.50%, governing the country has proved to be an uphill battle for the ANC.

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Despite the usual fog of denial, it has been unable to manage load shedding and contain unemployment to acceptable levels. Nor has the party been able to reduce crime and corruption. 

Elections 2024: Possibility of ANC losing majority

In the heat of its battle for succession, pre-election polls predict that the party could lose its absolute majority come next month’s elections for the first time since 1994 and be forced into a coalition with smaller opposition parties.

The ANC has polled below 50% in at least five polls in recent months.

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ANC NEC leaked recording: DA to present ‘evidence’ of manipulation of state purse

In a statement released on Sunday, Steenhuisen revealed that the DA will provide “new and damning evidence confirming that the ruling party intends to use taxpayer money to help it win votes”.

He claimed that a leaked recording from an ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting held in early April, revealed that the party’s top brass, including Ramaphosa, have instructed senior public office bearers to manipulate the public purse to pay for the ANC’s election campaign.

‘Illusion of state delivery’ via PR exercises and paid media ads

According to the DA leader, this would be done via a series of public relations exercises and paid media advertisements promoting state projects and the party’s governance.

“Included in this strategy is a directive to tend to targeted service delivery failures days ahead of ANC campaign visits, to create the illusion of state delivery under the ANC.

‘Smoke and mirrors’

“This blatant abuse of taxpayer funds is proof of the way in which the ANC continues to manipulate and contort South African voters into believing that the governing party has the people’s interests at heart,” Steenhuisen argued.

“The new revelation is proof that the ANC is the ultimate emotional manipulator, gaslighting the South African electorate with false promises and smoke and mirrors at the taxpayers’ expense all to remain in power.”

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ANC ‘used to abusing state resources’ – Malema

The Sunday Times also reported over the weekend that the ANC is preparing to flood the airwaves with adverts from government departments – funded by the taxpayer – boasting of its successes since 1994.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema told the publication that the ANC was “used to abusing state resources”. 

“In the past, the municipalities would issue tenders for municipal announcements and for only 20% of the ads to go to the government, with 80% going to the ANC.”

Malema claimed that companies that won tenders to communicate 30 years of democracy campaigns would be expected to provide services and products like T-shirts directly to the ANC.

“Mayor’s official bank cards and garage cards are being used to fill up ANC campaign bakkies with petrol,” Malema claimed.

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