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8 days after going missing, 61-year-old found in the mountains

Here's what do if one of your loved ones goes missing

A more than week-long search for a 61-year-old man has ended with some good news after he was found in nearby mountains.

The man went missing from the small Prince Alfred Hamlet in the Western Cape two Sundays ago.

Patrick Xhibu’s wife alerted police to his disappearance, sparking a joint search operation between Prince Alfred Hamlet Crime Prevention Unit members and detectives in conjunction with the Saps Airwing.

Search by foot

The search led them to nearby mountains. The only problem was that no vehicles could access the mountains. They had to search by foot.

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After a lot of searching the team found the dehydrated and hungry man on a mountain.

“He was airlifted to a nearby hospital for medical care,” explained police spokesperson Frederick ‘FC’ van Wyk.

He was later reunited with his family.

What to do if a loved one goes missing

Thousands go missing every month in South Africa, including more than 1,300 children, reported Missing Children South Africa recently.

Watch a detective from the police’s Bureau of Missing Persons explain what to do when a person goes missing:

If you suspect a loved one has gone missing, it is important to notify the police immediately.

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“When a person goes missing, it is of the utmost importance for the Saps to fulfil our mandate to serve and protect the citizens of South Africa. It is essential to take steps and start the investigation into a missing person’s case immediately.

“There is no waiting period to report a missing person,” a notice by the police service says.

It suggested doing the following:

  • Produce a recent photograph of the missing person, if possible.
  • Give a complete description of the missing person’s last whereabouts, the clothes that they were wearing, as well as any information that can assist the investigating officer.
  • Complete and sign a Saps 55(A) form. This form safeguards the police from hoax reports and indemnifies the Saps to distribute the photograph and information of the missing person.
  • Obtain the investigating officer’s contact details, and send any additional information that might become available.
  • If a missing person is found or returns voluntarily, inform the investigating officer immediately. A Saps 92 form must be completed to inform the Bureau of Missing Persons that the missing person’s report can be removed from the circulation system.

Click here to access contact details for the national and regional offices of the Bureau of Missing Persons

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