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Zille suggests ‘ANC will die like National Party’, tells DA Gauteng congress ‘racism is red’

'The real battle begins between blue and red,' the DA federal chairperson said on Saturday.

Democratic Alliance (DA) federal council chairperson Helen Zille said to hundreds in attendance that the days of the African National Congress (ANC) being in power were numbered.

‘ANC will die too’

Speaking at the DA’s Gauteng congress in Boksburg on Saturday, Zille said to hundreds in attendance that the ANC did not know what it stood for anymore and cannot revert to principles because “it hasn’t got any.”

The DA federal chairperson also pointed out that she has been around long enough to witness the downfall of powerful political parties like the National Party and United Party.

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“Because they couldn’t revert to principles, they unraveled and died,” she said.

“Believe me, in my life time I will see that party die too,” she added in reference to the ANC.

Zille recently rejected the possibility of the DA and ANC joining forces to establish a coalition and co-govern South Africa post-2024 general elections.

Zille also said those who are concerned about the ruling party’s age dynamic should take notes from the DA.

“When people in the ANC demand that ANC veterans give youth a chance, I say just look at the DA and how many young people have the chance to climb up the ladder and reach top positions in the DA,” Zille said.

“…And gogos (elderly women) like me like to sit in the background to support them so they can climb much higher than we ever did,” the DA federal council chairperson added.

‘Racism is Red, non-racialism is Blue’

Furthermore, Zille said although the upcoming national elections may be between the “blue” and “yellow,” she was convinced it won’t be long before “blue” and “red” (seemingly in reference to the EFF) become the main contenders at national level.

“Then the real battle begins between blue and red,” she said.

Cautioning the crowds about making informed choices at the voting polls, Zille said they must beware the differences between the “blue” and “red” parties.

“Remember the difference. Red is hate, blue is reconciliation and love. Racism is red, Non-racialism is blue. Failed Marxist economics is red, economic growth and a social market economy is blue,” she said.

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“State control is red, freedom is blue. Breaking everything down, and calling for the murder of people is Red. Building up, and bringing people together is blue,” Zille added.

Zille also told DA supporters that if South Africa was to have any future at all, Blue was the only option.

“Blue people, mobilise – we need to go out and conquer because the future of our beloved country depends on you.”

“Phambili, DA!,” Zille concluded.

Battle for top spot

Meanwhile, battle lines have been drawn at the provincial congress as Solly Msimanga and Khume Ramulifho go head-to-head for the top position.

Both candidates are equally confident they’ll emerge victorious.

Ramulifho recently told SABC News he’s going to “close congress” on Saturday.

“I believe I can use my experience and leadership qualities to galvanise support on the ground,” he said.

Determined to maintain his leadership position, Msimanga said he believed he’ll retain the throne.

“If you go and look at my social media, and [comments] from colleagues in the legislature… I would tell you that over eighty percent are endorsing me,” Msimanga said.

“The numbers will speak for themselves, but I think so far they’re saying very, very loudly what they want,” he added.

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