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WATCH: ‘Housekeeper’ crashes bosses’ BMWi8 while they’re away

Fortunately, the woman comes out of the crash unscathed.

A woman found herself in a dilemma after crashing a car that didn’t belong to her. In a video that was posted last week and has been circulating on social media, a woman, said to be a housekeeper by social media users, loses control of a BMWi8 while reversing and goes straight into the light pole and wall of the neighbour’s house, damaging the car’s back.

The car, with a GP registration number, is said to belong to her employers who were apparently away when she decided to take their car for a spin.

After the crash, the woman gets out of the car looking distressed and she asks her neighbours to come to her rescue, only to find the situation beyond repair.

While some on social media said she was a housekeeper, some have argued she could be the owner of the car who was taking her car for a spin – either way, she’s in trouble.

After an investigation, The Citizen found that the woman in fact may not be a housekeeper, but the one who rented the car. Avis Car Rental in Kempton Park in Johannesburg confirmed on Monday that the BMWi8 was theirs, though they could not provide more information on the incident and how they plan to deal with the matter.

Watch the cringe-worthy video below posted on Facebook page Car Maniacs Zimbabwe by Kyran Mychal Titterton:


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