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WATCH: Londie London’s new man buys her a brand new luxury car

First a house and now a brand-new car, Londie London left tongues wagging on social media after flaunting her new BMW X6.

Reality TV star and singer Londie London topped trending topics on Twitter after announcing that her new man bought her a luxury car.

This comes a few days after the singer revealed in an interview that his ex-fiancé, Hlubi Nkosi, confiscated the same BMW X6 from her after they parted ways.

She posted a TikTok video of her brand-new BMW with ‘ukuqoma kwami nokuqoma kwakho akufani’ as a theme song. The song loosely translates to: ‘Our relationships are not the same’.

A few days ago, the former Real Housewives of Duban (RHODurban) star took to Instagram and announced that she got a new home as a Mother’s Day present. 

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‘I walked out and the car was not there’

During her interview with Hip Hop star L-tido, Londie opened up about the day that her ex confiscated the car that he had bought for her.

He said he demanded to know her whereabouts even though they were no longer together.

She added: “There was certain rules he was wanting to lay in terms of the car situation. Well, obviously we were not together. So, you cannot report your whereabouts with someone you’re not together with. First of all, you’re not even checking on the kids but you want an update about where I am. 

“Does that even make sense to you… Okay, moving on… On that day, I wish I could remember the date, which I don’t. I was at a Remy Martin event… And yes, when I did walk out, the car was not there…”

Londie’s new man

A few days ago, a video of Londie kissing with her new man made rounds on social media. A popular social media blog page had posted the video together with another one of the singer driving a luxurious car that allegedly belongs to him. 

According to the page, Londie’s man is Mabonga, who used to date fitness bunny and reality TV star, Sbahle Mpisane.

”@londie_london_official arriving at Gemelli in Mabonga’s blue SVR that he bought last year. The couple was accompanied by an army of men with guns just last week Friday. If protect me at all costs was a person,” the page tweeted.

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