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Sizwe Dhlomo responds to infertility claims

Another week, another Twar...

Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo joined the trending topics on X (formally Twitter) following his Twar (Twitter war) with influencer Michael Bucwa (Mr Smeg).

The heated exchange started when Sizwe sarcastically asked Mr Smeg about dating a kettle.

Mr Smeg clapped back tweeting that he’d never spoil a woman who friend-zoned him, let alone spend five years waiting on her while she multi-dates other guys.

“Didn’t you date a kettle? Lol!” Sizwe asked.

Seemingly, Sizwe’s response rubbed up Mr Smeg the wrong way causing him to throw infertility claims at the Kaya FM presenter, saying he heard that Sizwe might be allegedly infertile.

Responding to the claims, Sizwe tweeted: “Lol! Even if I was, it wouldn’t stop me from sonning you though. Aren’t you the guy that used to eat isbindi esiluhlaza (uncooked liver) for attention?”

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‘There’s no good reason to have children’ – Sizwe Dhlomo

Sizwe sparked mixed reactions a while back when he tweeted that there’s no need to have kids.

In a now-deleted tweet, the 40-year-old wrote: “If we’re being honest, there’s no good reason to have a child. I’m not saying it’s wrong or shouldn’t be done, kodwa ayikho i-need. Waar!”

However, during his interview with Mac G on Podcast and Chill in November last year, Sizwe opened up about plans to have kids.

“I’m gonna have kids when I get married…It’s always been my plan, that’s it,” he said.

When asked what he would do if it were not in God’s plan for him to get married, Sizwe said that he simply won’t have kids, adding that his assets will go to his sisters, nieces, and parents when he dies.

Sizwe also spoke about how he’s never struggled to get ladies’ attention, also revealing that Beyoncé once complimented him.

“Women have liked me since I was a baby, so I don’t have a problem getting a woman’s attention, and lucky for me, if I like a woman, chances are that I’ll be fine,” he said.

“Beyoncé said I was good looking, and I thought that was a kind thing to hear from Beyoncé,” Sizwe said.

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