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RHODurban’s Londie London says Hlubi Nkosi ‘doesn’t care about the kids’

Londie London told her RHODurban cast mates about what she has been going through since she broke up with Hlubi Nkosi.

After the explosive end to last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHODurban), viewers got to see what went down after newcomer Sanelisiwe ‘Nesh’ Bhengu attacked former full-time cast mate Londie London. 

Instead of kicking off on that note, season three – episode two began with a look into Slee’s spirituality as she headed to Ntshongweni Dam with her “spiritual father” to pray and get cleansed. 

Slee showed people a side to ubungoma and spirituality that most people don’t get to see first-hand. 

Maria’s beef with Sorisha continues 

Maria Isabella Valaskatzis
The Real Housewives of Durban cast member Maria Isabella Valaskatzis | Picture: Supplied

Maria seems to have taken more offence to the alleged snub by Sorisha than she initially let on as she invited Annie horseback riding in an effort to offload about her situation with Sorisha. 

Annie’s reaction in her diary session indicated that she remained loyal to Sorisha. 

“That’s interesting, I’ve never known Sorisha to be that person,” Annie told Maria in their interaction. 

She went on to tell Maria that the Sorisha she knows is an amazing person. 

During her own diary session, Annie said she was confiding in Annie with the hope that Annie would take what she said back to Sorisha in order to inspire the queen be to treat Maria better. 

Jojo welcomes Sane into the fold

Sanelisiwe ‘Chef Nesh’ Bhengu
Private chef, food and travel Influencer and Real Housewives of Durban season three cast member Sanelisiwe ‘Chef Nesh’ Bhengu | Picture: Instagram

Despite being friendly with Londie London, Jojo decided to invite Sane to lunch where Sane revealed that she chose to apologise to Londie by booking her a fully paid tropical vacation to a location of her choice. 

When asked by Jojo if she knew Sane prior to their exchange and Sorisha’s spa launch, Sane admitted that she did not personally know Londie before that evening. 

Jojo came to Londie’s defence, telling Sane that what she did was not right. 

“When I look back right now, Londie is not in a good space and it’s only fair for me to try and sympathise with her,” said Sane in her RHODurban diary session. 

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Jojo then decided to play mediator at the next group event with Sane’s backing.

The pair were later joined at lunch by Nonku who told the pair she did not want drama at her upcoming party. 

“There are just things that, as a woman, I could never say to another woman,” Nonku told Sane. 

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‘He doesn’t care about the kids’

Later on in the RHODurban episode, Annie met with Londie and Sorisha to debrief about the drama at the spa opening. 

“I feel badly about that though,” Sorisha told Annie as they waited for Londie’s arrival. 

“My heart was broken that she came after Londie for no reason at all,” added Sorisha in her dairy session. 

The conversation then became about what has happened in her life since she last saw her cast members. 

She opened up about her break up, explaining that she and Hlubi shared different values and opinions, adding that he was not supportive at all during her second pregnancy. 

“Just throughout that whole pregnancy, I was alone…” she told Annie and Sorisha before breaking down. 

Londie London
South African singer and mother-of-two, Londie London | Picture: Instagram

Annie – who is often criticised by viewers for being a mean girl – comforted Londie, later adding that hurt her to see Londie in such pain. 

During her RHODurban diary session, Londie told viewers that she never imagined herself as a single mother of two.

Both Annie and Sorisha shared how they kept hoping Hlubi would change and improve. 

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Addressing the reports about Hlubi’s cheating, Londie said that she did not actually know the woman that he is with now (Mbali None) and said that she was never the reason for their break up. 

“At some point, I was literally just hanging on for the kids,” she told her fellow castmates before telling them that he does not care about their children. 

Londie, who is now based in Johannesburg, concluded by stating that looking at her children while knowing what happened and feeling like she let them down is what hurts her the most. 

Nonku’s man gets her a car

For some odd reason, Nonku is letting viewers in on her relationship with Dumisani Ndlazi this season.

He didn’t receive the warmest welcome from RHODurban viewers in the last episode based on what he and Nonku spoke about over dinner. 

Things seemed to have changed and evolved between the pair as he surprised her with flowers and a new car in this week’s episode. 

When asked why he would do something so extravagant, Dumisani said he was just doing it to be romantic, stating that he saw no reason not to do such things for your partner if you’re financially able to do so. 

Why did Sane join the show?

In another visit between Annie and Sorisha later in the episode, the latter explains who Sane is after being asked “who the f*** is she?” by the former.

According to Sorisha, she had met the self-proclaimed private chef at events before and she decided to throw an invitation her way when she knew she was going to be hosting the spa launch. 

“I’m very concerned that you did not pick up on her energy,” quipped Annie.

“You don’t just pull people off the streets and invite them to our events darling,” she added. 

After doing some “investigating, Annie found out that Sane used to be a gossip columnist for two publications”. 

“I google her because I was like ‘this chick is crazy!’” explained Annie. 

Annie then pulled up an article that was allegedly about her, however, her name was spelt “Senelisiwe” in the articles detailing her alleged harassment of a well-known actor.

Sorisha then made the decision to distance herself from Sane before Annie told her that Maria was another person Sorisha needed to watch out for. 

Nonku’s Arabian nights themed celibacy party

Sorisha stuck to her guns about not being around Sane and left Nonku’s party before the guest of honour even got there after Jojo told her that Sane was spreading rumours about Annie “sleeping her way to the top”. 

Sane then refused that she ever said that about Annie and tried to accuse Jojo of talking badly about Annie in that same conversation. 

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