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‘Idols SA’ top 9 race to ultimate title as competition heats up

The contestants of Season 19 added a touch of romance to their performances by singing lively wedding songs.

Although the pressure reached its highest point this week, the latest episode of Idols SA Season 19 was a joyful occasion.

The newly established top 9 contestants graced the stage dressed in their finest wedding attire.

After tallying the viewer votes, the following contestants secured their spots in the Idols SA Season 19 top 9, listed in no specific order: Niikiey, Lungelo, Faith, Nkosi, Thando, Princess, Thabo, Envic, and Sena.

Unfortunately, it was time for Lungile to bid farewell to the Idols SA competition.

Niikiey. Picture: Supplied
Niikiey. Picture: Supplied

Niikiey’s performance

The top 9 contestants in the competition performed songs from famous South African weddings. Niikiey was the first to sing Malaika’s Mmatswale and received compliments from the judges.

Somizi Mhlongo advised Niikiey this genre could bring a lot of success and money in the music industry, saying it felt like her own concert.

Lungelo. Picture: Supplied
Lungelo. Picture: Supplied

Lungelo’s performance

Next up was Lungelo, who performed Etta James’ At Last. The judges were impressed by her rendition, and Thembi Seete expressed her admiration by saying: “It felt like I was on a movie set, in a jazz club. All that was missing was red wine and a cigar. Your voice is smooth and clean.”

Faith. Picture: Supplied
Faith. Picture: Supplied

Faith’s performance

Faith sang Caiphus Semenya’s Matswale. Among the judges, JR Bogopa was particularly impressed and commented: “That was a great performance, but there’s no need to over-sing the song. Otherwise, you stayed on it. Good job.”

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Nkosi. Picture: Supplied
Nkosi. Picture: Supplied

Nkosi’s performance

Nkosi performed Phila Dlozi’s Ekhwen Lami, and Somizi commented by saying: “What I liked about this rendition is that it could be your single. It was soulful, beautiful, easy, and mellow. I enjoyed just watching you.”

Thando.Picture: Supplied
Thando.Picture: Supplied

Thando’s performance

Following Nkosi was Thando, who performed Bob Marley’s Is This Love. The judges had varying opinions on her performance.

Thembi shared her thoughts by saying: “Because we’ve seen you from the beginning, I know you can do much more. You’ve lost that rawness no one can teach you. You were too careful.”

Princess. Picture: Supplied
Princess. Picture: Supplied

Princess’s performance

Princess chose to sing Lira’s Phakade and made a favourable impression on the judges with JR saying: It’s like you are the pizza guy – you never fail to deliver. You know your sweet spot and you play well in it. Great performance.”

Thabo. Picture: Supplied
Thabo. Picture: Supplied

Thabo’s performance

Thabo received a standing ovation from the audience when he performed Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years.

Somizi said: “I wanted you to even go higher. What you did was enough, but I know there’s still more to you. It’s the performance of the night.” 

Envic. Picture: Supplied
Envic. Picture: Supplied

Envic’s performance

Due to a technical issue that initially prevented Envic from hearing his first attempt at Jamie Foxx’s When I First Saw You, he was given a second chance, which largely left a positive impression on the judges.

Thembi Seete commented: “All I’m going to say is welcome back, Envic. This is the Envic we know.”

Sena’s performance

To wrap up the show with a cheerful tone, Sena performed Stevie Wonder’s All I Do.

JR said: “It was straight to the point. It did what it had to do, but you are up against great singers, so you need to up the game every week.”

Next Saturday, the top 8 contestants will perform Lionel Richie’s songs, and it’s up to the audience to decide who stays. With Idols SA Season 19, iLast Number, there’s no shortage of entertainment.

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